Wed. Jul 28th, 2021

vandalization , brutilization, destroying of Government properties, necessitated by bad Governance- Onuigbo

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Hon. Sam Onuigbo, a member Federal House of Representatives of Nigeria, representing Ikwuano/Umuahia North/Umuahia South Federal constituency ,has hinted that the cause of the present civil Protests and agitations rocking the country is as a result of bad governance. Sam who disclose this to Aspheric corespondent pointed at the various coup that took place in the country after Independence, as a major catalyst for the decay in governance the country has been experiencing.

“firstly I have to sympathize with families that have lost loved ones as a result of this protest, I’m talking of families generally, even the police, the army, the protesters or even the so called hoodlums come from parents. So this is a very sad development, however my personal assessment on the situation is that from top to down, from the Presidency, the Legislative organ and everyone, and it’s not just with this government, it has been misgovernance all along.

So I’m not creating the impression that the present problem is tied to President Muhammadu Buhari’s Administration. Right from when we had the coup issues and things got tumbled, and people opt out of the Republican constitution and shifted focus, there has been issues relating to the unity system of government.

From the civil war, down to now, there has been misgovernance because for a nation that has the kind of resources that we have, material and human,Nigeria shouldn’t be seen as the Poverty Capital of the world, it’s very disheartening, this was a peaceful protest which was eventually hijacked, of cos we saw that there are people who use to infiltrate this peaceful protesters and cause mayhem and then break free, particularly from shooters from the military at Lekki toll gate.

So for me this a time for us to do proper reexamination of our actions so that we make sure we carry young people and the entire nation along. People should realize that when they are elected or in positions, that you are one person in the entire population, so if you are given an opportunity to serve, you must know that there are so many other millions that yielded the opportunity for you to be at the helm of affairs, be careful.

You have to govern well and make sure that people feel the impact of your leadership. This is leadership failure all across the board, not particularly to Buhari’s administration. So we don’t characterize it as partisan governance.

A nation that was a head of Singapore, so many nations that we were better than when it comes to good economy in the world, but now we are the poverty capital of the world. Misgovernance is my interpretation” Sam stated.

When asked on the way forward in curbing the current crisis , Sam said that engagement and reorientation of the youths is the sure way out .

I have said it before, we have to re-examine , we have to all come together and speak to the young ones.
So we have to really engage this youth, and make sure they have something doing, every morning you wake up, you are dress up and go to your work place, do not forget that the idle brain is the devil’s workshop.

So my submission is for the government to come up with policies, whatever policies the people want, we the legislators will bring back it up to ensure that we empower our youths so that everyone will be busy and think less in causing troubles, feel jealous or being disadvantaged.

I have to tell you something, I’m a federal legislator, but I have told my colleagues and some other persons who are involved in governance that when you are given a leadership position, and you fail to realize that you are lucky, an instance in my federal Constituency which is Ikwuano Umuahia North and South, that has produced all the greats, I should consider myself lucky to be representing them, therefore I have an abiding duty to make sure I reach out to the people and that is why I was the very first person in that constituency to be re-elected . So I appeal to them to calm down while we come up with a combination of laws and policies that will put Nigeria in the right direction” he concluded.

Onuigbo’s legislative interest border on Education, creation of employment for the youths, prudent Management of human and material resources .

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