Wed. Dec 2nd, 2020

Amaechi aid Congratulates ESI on it’s Twelve years anniversary.

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An Aide to the Hon Minister Of Transportation, Dr Israel Ibeleme, has congratulated the wife of the Minister of Transportation and founder Empowerment Support Initiative (ESI) , Dame Judith Amaechi, as today Marks the Twelve years anniversary of the NGO.

Dr Israel who Spoke to AsphericNews correspondent, was full of praises and gratitude for the ESI founder not just for the motherly role she has played in his life but for her developmental strides in the lives of Rivers indigenes and beyond .

“I just want to use this medium to congratulate the wife of my boss, the founder of Empowerment Support Initiative( ESI), a Non-governmental Organization that have been in existence for the past twelve years now.

ESI is twelve years today and has given hope to the poor, the needy and has also raised many Nigerians .

However I could recall how the governor’s wife and founder of ESI has impacted so much in my life . She taught me how to give and she is one of my role models .

All the time she talks on how she wants to give to the poor and touch the lives of people in any little way she can. She is always talking about how she is wants to build schools and help those in one form of depression or the other to come out of it .

Prior to knowing her and meeting her I myself was poor and she has been a medium of hope and transformation for those who have no one to rely on . She accepts you the way you her and makes you feel welcome around this gestures her household workers can attest to.

She is the nicest women I have met and she has done a lot to transform people’s lives” .

The aide to the Minister also listed some of the positive Impact the Minister’s wife has made under ESI

“She built over 37 primary schools during her tenure as the wife of the governor, she used her position to raise so many Nigerians, over 5000 persons graduated under various skill acquisition program in various capacity .

Till date she is still paying Teachers of Kindergarten children under ESI schools across rivers state . She is an advocate of HIV/AIDS breast cancer etc.

She introduced school feeding program to children in Rivers as the wife of the Governor and has raised a lot of professionals in different field of study and some are still currently under her sponsorship.

I want to use this medium to congratulate her on the twelve years anniversary of her pet project, Empowerment Support Initiative (ESI)” he added .

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