Wed. Dec 2nd, 2020

Destruction of facilities at NPA will affect Economic activity at the Ports – NPA BOARD CHAIRMAN

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The Board Chairman Nigerian ports Authority (NPA) Chief Akin Ricketts, has warned that the recent attack and destruction of facilities on the Nigerian Ports will affect the Economic activities of the port. Akinwumi who disclosed this to AsphericNews correspondent, lamented that the Ports are critical aspect of the Nations Economy.

“I want to strongly condemn the destruction that was carried out in NPA by supposedly protesters. In as much as the protests by the youth was legitimate, some Hoodlums at some point hijacked the process to unleash anarchy, which resulted in the destruction of facilities .

The destruction of critical facilities in NPA will affect the Economic activity of the Ports, considering the fact that Nigeria is largely an Import depending Nation. The port is a very crucial aspect in the nations economy.

This negative development will further degrade the country in the eyes of the international community and disrupt the confidence process the President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari GCFR is has been trying to build .

We strongly condemn the burning of Marina Headquarters of the NPA. This building of the NPA, plays a vital role as a federal government parastatal in the Maritime Industry. This is sad, lessons have be learnt but people must be brought to account for there actions “

When asked by Aspheric correspondent on the cost, assessment, rebuilding, and the way forward for the country, Chief Ricketts responded

“The process of assessing the cost of things destroyed and rebuilding those facilities has already commenced .
Though the youths have a right to protest, but the way forward now is the need for dialogue “he concluded” .

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