Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

25years Old Fashionista, Joyce Ufedo set to open Glamourous Fashion House in Abuja

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By Dayo Olujuwon E.

The Grand Opening ceremony of Jayex Fashion House will begin a new thing in the Fashion industry…

Sule Joyce Ufedo is an entrepreneur, with so much love for fashion, and according to her, it has always been a dream to own a fashion brand.

In an interview with AsphericNews she stated;

“I had always admired styles, always been conscious of my looks and I felt people needed a way to express how they feel through their Styles, so I decided to go for it”

Explaining how it all started, she told AsphericNews it all began as a hobby, when she started making beaded accessories in 2016.

She also revealed that the whole Journey has been interesting yet challenging

“Well, as the saying goes, never despise the days of little beginnings. Fashion evolves all the time, so if you’re not able to follow up with the styles, it’s possible to make outfits that won’t sell much. That’s the general challenge for me”

When asked about the Grand Opening ceremony of her fashion house, Jayex fashion house which is to hold 15th and 16th of January 2022, she expressly shared her expectations

“I’m expecting friends and anyone who loves fashion because this would also be an event for them. We already have outfits ready for that day for whoever who loves to look good and slay, to come shop, I’m rest assured it’s going to be a successful event and it’s going to be fun”

“I’m also certain anyone coming for the event would see something they love”

The Opening is expected to feature a whole lot of Glamour! Such as; runway fashion show, shopping of Jayex Fashion luxury outfits for both male and female, ribbon cutting, buffet party, musical performances, cutting of Jayex Fashion cake. There will also be a special bonus for those who shop for outfits above N30,000.

It Fashion House will be sited in Number 112, First floor, Merit mall plaza, Apo, Kabusa Junction, Abuja.

Speaking on the Fashion industry in Nigeria, she stated;

“The fashion industry is becoming more exposed here in Nigeria and people are been more open minded these days to explore every style, even with the traditional attires. Nigerian fashion is really taking a different level, it makes each designer to be unique in His or her own way, in other words, no matter how many designer there are in Nigeria, everyone has their own unique style and would still be able to sell. So it’s a good one and I must say that I’m very very impressed”

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