Wed. Dec 2nd, 2020

Attack on NPA facilities by Hoodlums was targeted, Systematic and planned- Hon Sekonte Davies

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A Former Member House of Representatives who represented Degema/Bonny Federal Constituency and former executive director Nigeria Ports Authority, Hon Sekonte Davies, has described the attack on the Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA) as planned and targeted. Speaking to AsphericNews, the Law maker alleged that the Hoodlums that attacked NPA were looking for something .

“well I think it’s a very sad story that people could actually conduct themselves in such manner, from the posts I have and pictures with videos, it’s obvious that it’s a planned action, it was targeted, people who attacked that place (NPA) were looking for something. I can tell you that I’m not surprised that people could use such an opportunity to attack because the management have put in a lot of reform in the system which have brought leakages drastically in this corrupt practices.

So I believe that the attack on NPA came from people who have benefited from the rot system, it was planned or targeted to loot some documents they want to take away, to look for some documents they can destroy, people that their contracts has expired and those who went to court to initiate actions are involved.

When you look at other attacks on government properties and the one that happened to NPA, you will find out that of NPA was systematically done, people sat down, planned and executed such action.

It is very sad because the attack on NPA will definitely affect our economy because of NPA’s position in boosting of our Economy” Seconte blasted .

On the issue of the way forward for Nigeria, Hon. Davies beckoned on the government to live up to there responsibility and be responsive .

“I think the leaders should own up to their responsibility, by showing more love to the people, being there for them in critical situation and having what it takes to arrest the situation than leaving it.

Our problem is that we lack a responsive government, had it been the government were able to address the youths when this issue started, we wouldn’t have gotten to this stage.

Secondly protesters should always know when the ovation is high and make sure they don’t over do something in similar situation. The protesters have made their demand and it’s left for government to look into such demands and come up with the way forward to accommodate the youths” He concluded .

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