Wed. Jul 28th, 2021

Unlawful possession of Arms and invasion of police stations is Criminal-Hon Adeogun.

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Member Nigeria’s House of Representatives representing Akoko southeast/south west , Hon Ade Adeogun , has alleged that the various attacks on police stations across the country in the disguise of protesting is criminal and offensive . The deputy chairman house committee on security disclosed this to AsphericNews correspondent while lamenting at the rate of attack’s in the country .

“To me, making a point on social media is not the answer, they should come out, register and vote other Youths or people they think can offer good leadership.

Anybody wearing police uniform after attacking a police station eventually is a criminal, and should be apprehended. Unlawful possession of arms and invasion of police stations is criminal , they should be arrested. If people commit criminal act and get away with it, they will be encouraged to do more. Those involved in criminal activities should be apprehended and brought to book “ Adeogun hinted .

When asked by AsphericNews if he has any issues with youths protesting, the Lawmaker replied

“I don’t have anything against protesting, it is done in almost all the countries, but I think there are some protesters who had different agenda, so when you have protesters without a leader, you will find it difficult to control the direction they can go. They should acknowledge when to start and when to stop.

As a result of inadequate preparation by the youths, they lost control that’s why it has resulted to the current situation we have found ourselves. Some of them with good intentions had our support, but not the ones who came to destroy. At the end of the exercise I believe they will have lessons to learn” he concluded.

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