Mon. Jan 25th, 2021

Use “lethal measures against protesters

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The interior Ministry in Belarus has Issued a serious warning to Protesters , warning them that the Belarusian Police will not hesitate to use lethal ammunition against the protesters in the streets.The Belarusian government Premised there reasons for the use of lethal force on the fact that mass anti government demonstrators have started launching series of attacks on police and security personnel.

“Protesters have become organized and extremely radicalized hence we have to do what we can to address the situation with immediate effect” .
Subsequently in a statement , Deputy Interior Minister Gennady Kazakevidi said that the protest Movement was gradually going down but some of the protesters are now using arms inclusive in there protest

“ These protesters are radicalizing and there are forces in the country , trying to wreak havoc and have nothing to do with the civil unrest” he added.

We would recall that the 2020 Belarusian protests are a series of ongoing Political demonstrations and protests against the Belarusian government and President Alexander Lukashenko.
The protest is said to have been caused by Authoritarianism, Arrests of opposition candidates , a persistent electoral Fraud, mishandling of the covid 19 Pandemic in Belarus among others .

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