Thu. Aug 6th, 2020

Emenalo: Narrative that white is good has to change

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Former Nigerian international, Michael Emenalo has said it was high time for footballers and managers to be judged by their competence and experience, rather than the colour of their skin.

Speaking in an interview with The Observer of London, , the former Chelsea technical director, said . “Yes. It’s time for the narrative to change.”

At Chelsea, it was assumed Emenalo had come from nowhere. Even the 10 sophisticated managers during his tenure needed convincing Emenalo was equipped for his demanding job.

“Everybody has a misconception of my knowledge, insight and experience. I did it 10 times with 10 managers. Each time I climbed the hill and convinced them of my worth. I have a university degree in international relations and diplomacy.

I know how to deal with people and situations. I had World Cup experience and been part of this industry on five continents. I said: ‘I’ll give them an opportunity to understand me.’ They all did but it’s not easy starting from ground zero every time.” .

“The future for me is to get back in the industry. I’ve just turned 55 and I have 12 years of experience at the director level. I can perform the job even better now. I would like an opportunity to get back with a serious club  ideally in the Premier League.”

Ayooluwa Joshua

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