Jack Dorsey’s Square announces permanent work-from-home policy

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This COVID-19 is somehow a blessing to some and to some a turbulent time. The pandemic has brought about a new reality in the job front, economic, education as well as other areas of life. Everything is taking a new form and countries are taking a new approach to boost their economy and sustain lives better than it was a few months ago.

Some companies are now considering the work from home approach because it seems to be more workable and cost-efficient and this will also give everyone to work from the comfort of their homes and as well enable them to have time for their friends and families which seem to be a hope dashed in the past and the absence of one or both parents also played havoc on many families who found it difficult to even spend time together before this pandemic.

Today companies like Square a company owned by Jack Dorsey has decided to squeeze the work from home into the company’s work policy permanently below is more detail on that.

Square employees will be able to work now on from home even after the COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders end, Mr. Jack Dorsey told workers.

The indefinite extension of the company’s remote work policy echoes a similar announcement from Twitter last week. Dorsey is CEO of both companies.

“We want employees to be able to work where they feel most creative and productive,” a company spokesperson said.

“Moving forward, Squares will be able to work from home permanently, even once offices begin to reopen. Over the past several weeks, we’ve learned a lot about what it takes for people to effectively perform roles outside of an office, and we will continue to learn as we go.”

The new policy will apply to teams that are able to do their jobs remotely. Those that need to come into the office, like security personnel and facilities, will continue to do so.

Employees at the mobile payments company have been working remotely since early March. Facebook, Google, and Microsoft all moved to remote work around the same time.

Now, as some cities start to ease shelter-in-place restrictions, those three companies have extended remote working options. Facebook told its employees they can work from home until 2021, though offices will reopen on July 6th for those who need to come in.

Google also moved its return to work date from June 1st to December 31st. Microsoft extended the work-from-home deadline through October 2020. So far, only Twitter and Square have made remote work options permanent. Now this new working policy will lead to the reunification of family members, friends, and loved ones because they will be able to spend more time with their loved ones and will only get office work done when necessary, on the one side, the COVID-19 is a blessing in disguise. 
By: Ayooluwa Joshua   

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