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Teach Almajiri students on a weekly basis – Fatima Abacha

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The founder, Pillars and Gates, Fatima Mohammed Abacha has revealed that alongside some of her sisters, she teaches the Almajiri students Arabic, proper hygiene, cleanliness while encouraging them to go to school on a weekly basis.

She also stated that her passion for helping the youths and women is the basis of her setting up her pet project.

Speaking with Asphericnews, she does a lot of counselling and talking to people especially women.

“Myself and some sisters we teach in schools on a weekly basis. We teach Arabic, proper hygiene, cleanliness while encouraging them to go to school.

“I recently went to the Blind School in Jabi. It was nice to talk to them and they sang a beautiful song saying they were happy to see us and they couldn’t even see us. It makes you think about things you take for granted in life,” she said.

She further stated that her foundation is not gender based as she looks to help bridge the gap in improving lives of people.

“We do little we can do with the little that we have. We have quite a few things lines up for the year. Last year, we took a break as we had to rebrand and restructure.

“We deal basically with the youths and women and to be honest, anywhere we can help, we always try to as it is not specifically targeted. I believe that’s how the world should be.

“It may be mental health counselling and encouraging people because there is a gap and we want to bridge it,” she said.

By Betty Akota

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