Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Zimbabwean Government Ban Teachers from holding extra lessons

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Zimbabwe president-

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Zimbabwean Government has banned made Teachers to sign a document prohibiting them from holding extra lessons. Under the new instrument, teachers will no longer be permitted to sell snacks or uniforms to pupils and conduct extra lessons on school premises. Prior to the announcement teachers were supplementing their low salaries by conducting extra lessons after school hours. However, problems started surfacing after the educators were doing a thorough job during extra lessons and not during mandated school hours. This led to pupils whose parents could not afford extra lessons to miss out and score lower grades.

Violating the new law could see teachers getting fired thereby putting them between a rock and a hard place. Currently, teachers employed under the civil service earn below USD100, an amount that is hardly enough to cover living expenses. To make ends meet teachers would conduct ‘extracurricular’ activities to afford to come to work.

Below is the Document, all teachers have been made to sign by the Government

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