Thu. May 23rd, 2024

“If You Work On Your Nyash, Save Money To Work On Your Senses And Brain” – Queeneth Hilbert

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Nollywood actress Queeneth Hilbert has taken to her page to throw shade at ladies who undergo liposuction to enhance their bodies.

The actress who threw shade at whom it may concern has advised ladies who go in for liposuction to save enough money to also work on their sense of thinking

In the post, Queeneth Hilbert stated that some of these ladies who undergo liposuction behave like kids on the internet and also misbehave.

While throwing the shades, Queeneth also mocked some ladies for undergoing body enhancement but the latter end up with disfigured body shapes.

In her post, she wrote, “If you are working on your yansh, save some intergrity and money to also work on your sense and brain. Stop behaving like a kid on the internet especially when you have kids. Lord have mercy”.

“Onece they come back from doing their nyash, you see them turning their backs anyhow. And some dotors no come kukuma get conscience, some of them end up looking like an unknown confused pregnant dinosaur

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