Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

Easter Message: Imbibe spirit of love, forgiveness, Says Gov Bala Mohammed

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Bauchi State Governor, Bala Mohammed has called on Christians in the state to embrace the spirit of forgiveness, love, and mutual respect towards one another.

The Governor made this call in a goodwill message to mark the 2023 Good Friday and Easter celebrations, scheduled for Friday, 7th and Monday, 10th April 2023.

“We must see ourselves as one and the same people irrespective of our ethnic and religious differences. There is also the need for continued prayers to God for the current relative peace in the State to be sustained,” said Governor Bala Mohammed.

He also extended his warm regards and felicitation to the Christian community, stressing that Easter is a time for Christians to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. “Our Christian brothers and sisters equally participate as a testimony to the life and time of Jesus Christ.

During his lifetime, Jesus Christ preached peace, honesty, and love for one another. I, therefore, enjoin you all to imbibe these virtues and put them into practice irrespective of your religious inclination,” he added.

The Governor also urged the people of Bauchi State to engage in sober reflection and self-evaluation during this year’s Easter festivities, adding that it is a time to evaluate how well they relate with their creator and fellow human beings and make amends where necessary.

According to Governor Bala Mohammed, “Bauchi State and our country as a whole need peace and unity now more than ever before. We cannot afford to allow ourselves to be divided along religious or ethnic divides. We must allow peace to reign to make progress.”

He also reaffirmed the commitment of his administration to maintain law and order in the state, saying, “To this end, we have taken all measures to ensure the safety of lives and property of the people of the State.”

While acknowledging the economic difficulties faced by the people of the state and the country at large, the Governor encouraged them to see it as a temporary setback and expressed his confidence that they would overcome the difficulty in no distant future.

“Finally, while wishing you a happy Easter, I pray that the occasion will be observed without any hitches. May the Almighty God continue to guide and protect us, Amen,” concluded Governor Bala Mohammed.

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