Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

Losing AFRIMA awards has nothing to do with Biafra comment – Brymo

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Singer Brymo who’s real name is Olawale Ibrahim Ashimi, has broken his silence over his loss at the 2023 All Africa Music Award (AFRIMA) following a petition signed against his nomination by Nigerians online because of his Biafra comment.

Recall that the singer, who was against the presidential ambition of the Labour Party, LP candidate, Peter Obi came under fire over his incessant anti-Igbo comments. He had stated that “As long as there are talks by prominent people from Igboland about Biafra, an Igbo presidency will be a pipe dream.”

Reacting to the singer on social media, a man identified as Charles Ogundele launched a petition signed by over 47,000 Nigerians against Brymo. Saying Brymo’s disqualification would send a strong message that people cannot get away with blatant ethnic bigotry.

Brymo later made a U-turn as he went live on his Instagram page to tender a public apology to the tribe over his offensive tweets.

After the petition and his apology, he lost the awards to Mali-based Iba One.

Speaking on the loss in his recent interview, Brymo said he was looking forward to winning the award before his disqualification.

He said, “I think, month before, I’d announced that I was no longer a musician but a sonic artist. It meant I was no longer eligible for awards that musicians get.

“AFRIMA nominated my song ‘Esan’, so I forgot all that and looked forward to the event. But I’m no longer a singer, so I don’t want it. There’s a songwriting category, but they shouldn’t nominate sonic artists. I was looking forward to it anyway, but I got into trouble speaking about Biafra leaving and staying.

“So, I stayed out of AFRIMA and didn’t attack the award afterwards. Not winning the award had nothing to do with the southeast fracas. Everything only just came together.”

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