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Internet speed in Nigeria ranks 16th in Africa as Airtel emerges fastest operator

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•Internet Speed Report claims MTN has widest coverage in country

Nigeria’s Internet speed has been ranked 16th of the 46 countries examined on the continent, with Morocco, South Africa and Tunisia having the fastest mobile download speeds in Africa.

Crowdsourcing firm, SpeedChecker, in its Africa’s Mobile Network Champions report for 2021, released at the weekend, ranked countries and mobile operators in two categories: fastest mobile network champion and best mobile coverage champion.

The firm explained that data used for the survey was collected between January 2021 and January 2022 from end user devices running Android and iOS systems. SpeedChecker took over 704 million coverage samples and over 3.4 million speed test samples across Africa.

While Nigeria ranked 16th at 11.55Mbit/s, with Airtel emerging as the fastest network, Maroc Telecom in Morocco came out tops with an average country download speed of 23.57 Mbit/s. Second place went to MTN in South Africa with an average of 19.20 Mbit/s. The third place was Tunisian operator, Tunisie Telecom, at 18.19 Mbit/s.

Airtel Nigeria

The slowest country in 46th place was Central African Republic with an average country download speed of just 3.97 Mbit/s, followed by Mauritania at 4.23 Mbit/s and Libya at 4.28 Mbit/s on average.

According to SpeedChecker, Orange was the fastest operator in three of the top 10 countries: Mali (4th); Botswana (6th) and Liberia (9th) and was the fastest overall in eight countries out of the 46 measured. MTN was the fastest in four countries and Airtel was the fastest in three nations.

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In terms of mobile coverage, Nigeria ranked 12th with MTN as leader. The report ranked the island nations of Mauritius, Comoros and Seychelles tops. The mobile network champions for coverage in these countries were Mauritius Telecom, Comores Telecom and Airtel in Seychelles. In fourth place for coverage were Vodafone in Egypt and Vodacom in South Africa.

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