Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Why Buhari’s anti-corruption fight is flawed – Ex-minister, Adebayo Shittu

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Abdur-Raheem Adebayo Shittu, a former Minister of Communications, has disclosed why the anti-corruption war of President Muhammadu Buhari is flawed.

Shittu said the anti-corruption war of Buhari is flawed because the anti-graft agencies depend on the Executive to initiate new laws.

He spoke during a national anti-corruption conference in Abuja over the weekend.

According to Shittu: “When we were campaigning in 2015, we made the fight against corruption one of the three cardinal programs that we chose for ourselves. But I think the fact that we rely only on the existing structures without more has made it not too impressive by my own rating.

“What I’m saying is that the ICPC, the EFCC, or the Code of Conduct, should not wait for the Executive to initiate new laws.

“They, as people in the field, should think of what structures are required to enable them to do their jobs better and consequently, to initiate new legislation which will assist them.”

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