Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

PDP wouldn’t have been thrown out of power,if they had provided quality leadership- Destiny Asen

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-PDP wouldn’t have been thrown out of power

By Dayo Olujuwon

The 2023 Governorship Aspirant for Benue States has hinted Nigerians the reason for PDP’s removal from power .

In a recent interview on the State Of The Nation aired on AsphericTV, the 23years old 2023 Governship aspirant for Benue state under the people’s democratic party, stated that the people’s democratic party was thrown out of power, because they couldn’t provide quality leadership for Nigeria

” If the People’s Democratic power had provided quality leadership for the people of Nigeria, we wouldn’t have been thrown out of power”

“They did their best, better than this government…i speaking from the angle of a Nigeria and not a PDP member…but they could not give Nigeria quality leadership”

On a lighter mood, he revealed the positive implication for the mishap.

“The People’s Democratic Party, been thrown out of power is an opportunity….that was the best thing that happened to the PDP. Because, you don’t value what you have , until you lose it”

“And now, I see the PDP, coming together, I see PDP restructuring to give Nigeria a better life…they have seen loopholes, they have seen their mistakes”

Destiny Asen (left) Dayo Olujuwon (Middle) Emmanuel Odunze(right)

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