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We are addressing the unwholesome attitude of courier service providers

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Mr. SAmuel Ogar Ochi, FCT sector commander FRSC


Today the 1st of December, 2021. The Federal road safety commission (FRSC) FCT sector command, zone 7 held a media briefing to sensitize road users on safe road usage, especially as the festive period draws nearer.

Speaking to journalists at the press briefing, the FCT sector commander Mr. Samuel Ogar Ochi said “Today we are addressing the unwholesome attitude of courier service providers (dispatch riders)” He said, quite a number of times reports on dispatch riders flouting rules have been reported, offenses as blocking the pedestrian routes, where foot passengers should use, also roads that have been provided for the handicapped persons or physically challenged person’s, one will sometimes find dispatch riders blocking pedestrian routes or found flouting one-way routes. He said measures and personnel are being put in place to keep such dispatch riders from flouting rules. He commended the government for efforts being made to ensure the free flow of traffic in the FCT by constructing and rehabilitating roads. The sector commander mentioned, operations were ongoing and it was evident as seen on the scene seized courier service bikes from offenders who were impounded. “We will be going on with this enforcement to ensure that all of them that are in this habit are brought to book” He also added that those that have been impounded were found guilty of crimes as, not having their license, not wearing helmets while on the road, etc. and he said these individuals had been charged with road violation crimes and they will be made to go through mental evaluation tests. As their crimes have led to certain obstructions on the roads and putting some pedestrians in danger, he reiterated the press briefing was to serve as a sound warning to all other courier riders to desist from committing such crimes.

“Because of the construction work that is going on in the FCT, there is a need for speed bumps to be raised in some parts of the FCT. We want to call on all motorists to exercise caution and to ensure that by the time they get to these areas that activities are going on, they shouldn’t be in a hurry.” This is because many impatient drivers have been involved in crashes, hence the commander appealed to motorists to not be in a hurry. He discouraged the use of one way as a serious offense which could cause a crash and end innocent lives, hence nobody arrested for use of one way will be released also such drivers will have their cars impounded and they will be sent to the mobile courts to be investigated and tried, he discouraged drivers from using phones while driving, those beating traffic lights as well and even those who overload their vehicles especially commercial vehicle drivers, as they will be clammed down and brought to book, they will also be made to go through mental evaluation tests. He pleaded to Nigerians in the FCT to cooperate, while promising that sufficient officers have been placed at major exits and entrances within the state that is, Kubwa, Zuba, Airport Road, Gwagwalada, Nyanya, Keffi road, and also Bwari. It is to note that two thousand, seven hundred and fifteen personnel who have been deployed during this period as well as ambulance points scattered all-round that will respond to any emergencies that may occur. He assured residents of peace as far as road traffic was concerned, and he promised the commission will do its best to see that emergencies are promptly responded to. Lastly, he spoke about the processes of getting a driver’s license which involved one going to a driving school first and attaining a certificate which will then usher one into the driver’s license portal.

Speaking with two dispatch riders whose motorcycles had been impounded, they admitted to flouting the rules and had paid their fines and were waiting for their motorcycles to be released to them.  

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