Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

Rivers APC Congress: You can’t say no need for Congress and suggest that we share, Share what- Amaechi

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Ahead of the APC State Congress conducted in Nigeria yesterday, the Minister of Transportation Rt Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi charged party faithfuls and members in Rivers to avail themselves to the opportunity offered for the congress and participate in the electioneering process Instead of making undemocratic calls of sharing of the State’s party Excos by some people.

Amaechi says “You can’t say no need for Congress and suggest that we share, Share what?

“The only way you’ll recognize if a candidate is strong or not is by voting. That same people say no need for Congress. The same sharing we discussed before, that the party votes by consensus and you say you’re going to court, it’s not by consensus, that it’s by voting. We want democracy in the party. Now we say come to democracy, you’re not there for ward elections, you’re not there for LGA elections and State. If you were that strong, present a candidate let’s see. So what the party is doing now is giving a chance to everybody to contest.”

“We’ll see who will emerge. As soon as they emerge “

Amaechi further said “I expect that they start preparing to face the incumbent party in Rivers State. Let the Rivers people compare their lives from 2007 when I was the Governor to 2015 when I left. They should compare their lives to what it is now. Compare the fact that their children went to school for free of charge and that government paid their school fees. Compare the fact that there was health facilities with doctors and with cars bought for doctors. So I expect that this is the message they will take home, and tell the people to agree with us that with this electronic transmission, there’ll be no writing of results. And even if electronic transmission was not a part of it, that everybody will be at the counting Centre and ensure that your results matters. So this is a new beginning for the party.”

Amaechi commend Direct Primary

“A very well conducted direct primary allows everyone in the party to choose their candidate, so a preferred candidate can emerge out of popularity and that enables the party to gauge their strength in the country…It’s just a mixed feeling, but again the senate was happy with the house of reps for passing that. Basically I think it will help protect the ordinary Nigerians who are members of a party.”

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