Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

Veteran American actor Michael K. Williams dies at 54

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Veteran Hollywood actor has passed away at 54. He was found dead in his home in the Williamsburg neighbourhood of Brooklyn.

Michael K. Williams who is popularly known for his charismatic portrayal of Omar Little, the sawed-off-shotgun-wielding stickup man on HBO series “The Wire” was found dead in his apartment on Monday. According to the police.

His death was confirmed by Marianna Shafran, in a statement. The longtime representative of his said the family was struggling with “deep sorrow” at “this insurmountable loss”

Mr Williams was found at about 2 p.m., according to the New York City Police Department. The death is being investigated as a possible drug overdose, and the city’s medical examiner will determine the cause.

As Omar Little on “The Wire,” David Simon’s five-season epic on HBO that explored the gritty underworld of corruption, drugs and the police in Baltimore, Williams played perhaps the most memorable character on a series many consider among the best shows in television history.

As a swaggering lone wolf in a story largely defined by continuing battles between the police and various crime bosses and crews, Omar was one of prime-time’s preeminent antiheroes in a TV era defined by them. He was also gay and openly so in the homophobic, coldblooded world of murder and drugs, a groundbreaking portrayal of Black masculinity on television.

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