Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

UK Charity says the abductions of school children in Nigeria is disgraceful

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Ibironke Adeagbo, the CEO of UK charity IA-Foundation, has described as shameful the mass abduction of Nigerian schoolchildren by bandits, calling on the UK government to deploy advanced technology to assist Nigeria to overcome “horrific” crime.

On Thursday, Ms. Adeagbo, a former director of the British Safety Council, stated this while reacting to the latest kidnapping of 73 students at Government Secondary School, Kaya in Zamfara, on September 1.

“I call on British Prime Minister Borris Johnson to come to the rescue by deploying advanced British technology to tackle and end these shameful events in northern Nigeria,” she stated. “The latest kidnapping in Zamfara state is deeply disturbing, and Britain should not watch while these tragedies unfold endlessly and leave our kids ruined and parents devastated.”

Ms. Adeagbo pointed out that it was time for the UK government to rise to the challenge and help one of the key nations of the Commonwealth of Nations that has been in deep trouble over the years.

“Kidnapping of innocent schoolchildren is totally unacceptable. Humanity must rise to the challenge and crush this problem which is destroying the future of young people,” said Ms. Adeagbo. “Nigeria needs help, and the current tragic events in the country should not be allowed to fester because future generations of the country will be worse for it.”

She restated her appeal that the government should close schools in ungoverned communities in Nigeria, especially in the North, where jihadist groups, Boko Haram and Islamic State West Africa, are active.

Ms. Adeagbo noted, “The Nigerian situation has been going on for over a decade, and thousands of innocent lives, especially women and children, have been lost needlessly. Humanity is worse for it.’’


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