Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Enugu Traditional rulers’ council Decrees Child bride

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‘It’s an obnoxious practice’

Enugu- The council of Traditional rulers’ Enugu state has outlawed girl-child marriage and other forms of gender-based harmful practices in the state.

A communique signed by Lawrence Agubuzu, chairman of the council, said the council is committed to the abolition of the obnoxious practice of sacrificing the girl child to shrines.

The communique was issued at the end of a multi stakeholders’ strategic conference between the council and WomenAid Collective.

Agubuzu said the council condemned all forms of violence against women and the girl child and committed to their state empowerment.

He said the council is committed to the abrogation of harmful traditional widowhood practices, including disinheritance of widows.

“We are committed to implementing the Supreme Court judgment that females have a right to inherit property from the family estate, whether married or not,” he said.

“We are also committed to actions to codify communal laws and regulations that will protect women and girls.”

He said the council supported the inclusion of women in the process of decision-making on issues that affect them, adding that it also encouraged the inclusion of women in community leadership.

He said the traditional institution will, henceforth, mediate in human and women’s rights cases, in line with state, national, regional and international human rights laws.

He added that the council has begun to sensitise residents of the state to do away with anti-human customs that still exist in southern Nigeria.

“Subsequently, we will have an Enugu state that is free from all forms of violence against women and girl children,” Agubuzu said.

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