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Chidinma Ojukwu: The Police will arrest you and start looking for evidence – Monday Ubani

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Dayo Olujuwon

Barr. Monday Onyekachi Ubani has accused the Nigerian security agencies of slacking in their investigation process.

He mentioned this on a Programme aired on AsphericTV “State of the nation” hosted by Dayo Olujuwon. He noted the need for technology deployment in investigation process and also, a need to forego the othordox method of investigation which has been an issue of concern.

According to Him “Most people in Nigeria who are criminals escape Justice because of the shadiness in investigation..Our security agencies lack what you call sophistication in investigation… without the element of crime being proved…The moment you are not able to prove beyond reasonable doubt before a judge, the accused person will be given the benefit of doubt and then he will be actually discharged and acquainted, so the thorough investigation is key …we have not deploy technology in our investigation process and that again is giving a lot of concerns, we use an othordox method…here the security agency will arrest you and start looking for evidence.”

In response to the case of Chidinma Ojukwu the alleged murderer of the CEO of Super TV Usifo Ataga who was remanded by the law court , on Tuesday 10, 2021, he explained

” Chidinma’s matter I think… must be professional in handling…I am getting to the root of it…who killed that man…was it Chidinma that did it, or she did it with concert if the people, who are those people and all that. You know, I believe that now that they have charged her to court, we have gotten all that now tidied up, unless they have actually compromised this investigation, during which chidinma might likely go scout free and even those that killed may not face Justice…in that way, we are not helping the administration of criminal Justice. So my take is that we need to sit down as a nation, look at the investigation process once again by the Nigerian security authority, either DSS or any of the Agencies that are engaged in the investigation of crime.

In a bid to proffer solution to the lack of sophisticated investigation in the Nigerian security agencies, he stated

“We need to do training, we need to do retraining, we need to made them to know what they are supposed to do, and they must be deeper in what they do. And if they don’t do it that way, they will be in problem”

” I just hope that chidinma will face Justice, if she is guilty let the law take its cause and if she is innocent let her escape Justice…The most important thing is that let it be that the police has done proper investigation in this matter”

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