Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

Foreign Doctors offers free Medical treatment to Vulnerable people in Kaduna

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A team of foreign doctors under the auspices of ‘Doctors without Borders” in collaboration with Apostolic Overseer Restoration Bible Church ministries and Ashafa Mosque has facilitated free medical diogonisis and treatment to Kaduna citizens surfering from different kinds of ailments.

Dr Stuart Quatermont, the team leader of the foreign doctors from United State, said they carry out the diagnosing and treating to the less previlaged people in the society two to three times in a year.

the diagnosis and treatment was carried out at the Mercy Angels Hospital in unguwan Romi in Kaduna.

Quatermont said over 30 percent of the patient who registered needed surgeries.

“We are in Nigeria for the period of two weeks and we have handle over 100 cases ,

“We will continue to treat all those that registered before leaving the country, we have no target number of cases to handle but we will do our best”,he said.

While speaking on their reason for offering free medical services, he explained that “When I was in medical school I felt the call from God to help people all around the world and God lead me to Africa and eventually to Nigeria” he said.

According to him, they have been carrying out free medical outreach for eleven years.

“We set our theatre at Mercy Angels Hospital where we brought our equipment”.

Also speaking, Rev. Tunde Bolanta, the Apostalic overseer of Restoration Bible Church Ministries Worldwide, said the aim of the outreach was to show humanity to the less privileged.

Bolanta who is also the president of Mercy Angels foundation Hospital in Kaduna, said the reason for the outreach was also to bring succor to the less previlage in the society.

He said his hospital was able to combine with local team of doctors and consultants to bring the benefits to the people.

“We are just helping the suffering masses in which ever way we can and we have been doing other things like IDPs relieve work in helping children been affected, education of the less previlage among others” he said.

According to him their goal was to help the people in the society in respective of tribe religious and ethnic background.

Also, Iman Mohammed Ashafa, the Co-Excutive Director of interfaith Mediation Centre in Kaduna, also a facilitator of the free outreach, said the aim was to assist those who cannot afford medical bills.

Ashafa who is also the Chief Imam of Ashaf Mosque, said the outreach was a collaborative work between Ashafa mosque, Mercy Angel Hospital and the overseer of apostolic restoration Church.

“Others are trying to bring division among their followers but for us we are working to bring about togetherness and unity among different faith groups”.

“God has encourage us to respect all his creatures either human or animals, that is by assisting the sick who have no means of treatment”, he said.

According him over 250 people have already registered for surgeries on different kind of ailments.

He assured that those who already registered would be attendent to.

Speaking with Some of the beneficiaries commended the Mercy Angels Hospital and Ashafa Mosque for facilitating their free medical treatment and prayed God to continue to uplift and bless them abundantly.

One of the beneficiary, Aisha Abdullahi, said she had been battling with fabroid for over four years but with the help of the foreign doctors she had a successful free surgery and thanked them for kind gesture.

Another beneficiary, Abduraham Isa who undergone surgery of head tomour said “I am feeling happy and healthy for the free operation thank you and God bless” he said.

Also, Mrs Easter who undergone abdominal cancer surgery, said she has been surfering for years and could not afford the surgery bills, but with the support from the facilitators she was able to get the humanitarian assistance.

the doctors carried out different kinds of treatment and surgeries of different ailments which included fabroid, abdominal surgery, hernia, among others.

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