Sat. Apr 10th, 2021

‘Drive carefully, obey traffic laws’- DG-NITT Zaria, harps on drivers training at the Institute

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The Director General/Chief Executive of the Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology Zaria, Dr Bayero Salih-Farah in an interview with AsphericTV bears his mind on wide range of issues regarding the Institute’s training in the area of training of drivers for corporate organisation and the benefits therein and modern technology in driving.

The DG advice drivers and road users during the Easter festive period on over speeding so as to avoid accidents. In his words “accidents are more prone to happen because majority of drivers drive recklessly, over-speeding and in haste because they want to reach their destination. These are few of the instances that are responsible for the many accidents on our roads and highways”.

He appeals to drivers to drive carefully and obey traffic rules and laws so that they can reach their destinations safely.

On the Institution’s training and achieving the objectives, the DG said the Institute has been on top of the game in the area of training and retraining of drivers and the feedbacks are impressive.

“We have been getting fantastic feedbacks from organisations that trained with us. The feedback have been very positive and impressive. For instance, an organisation once wrote us that having trained with us, none of their vehicles was involved in accident for about two years.

“This is a remarkable report and an attestation of our good faculties and courses that are taught and impacted on trainees which their sponsors and organisations are satisfied with.

“In this regards, there is no basis for comparison between an employee or an individual who was trained and one who had no requisite training. The additional knowledge we impacted on trainees after their basics and skills acquired at the institute makes the differences. The training would definitely help in achieving objectives and goals.”

“So it is paramount that people particularly drivers avail themselves for training most especially now that technology infused in vehicles are changing every year.”

If you don’t train how can you manipulate the vehicle? He asked

“You have to acquire the needed knowledge and skills to meet up the modern challenges in driving.”

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