Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021

Jonathan was betrayed and Deserted by his Aides -Reuben Abati

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The special adviser on media and publicity to Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan , Reuben Abati, has revealed how his former principal, was abandoned by friends and aides when they learnt that he had lost 2015 Presidential elections .

The former media aide who disclosed this in an interview currently trending on social media said he was amazed on how some perceived loyalists to the ex president were quick to drop there allegiance when they discovered he has conceded to defeat .

“The first thing I noticed after the call that the President has conceded to defeat is that people stopped coming to the villa to come and see the president .

“Nigerians are wonderful people . As president there is always people trooping in to come and see the president but all of a sudden the villa became ghost town . The traffic to the villa just disappeared instead the traffic turned towards the camp of the President elect including members of theJonathan Government. They have changed camp and they also changed loyalty at a very high speed .

“Even around the villa, some of the people who were around started taking excuse that they wanted to go to the village or they wanted to go to London for medical check-up . This were people who would ordinarily not move an inch persons who would always want to be in the presence of the President.

“The whole situation thought me a lesson that you are as relevant as the position you occupied . The moment you loose power you will look and you won’t see anybody with you . On the day of the handing over ceremony some loyalists to the ex President ignored us because they had moved to the camp of the president elect . People relate to power from the stand point of opportunity” Abati concluded .

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