Wed. Jan 20th, 2021

Impact of the Protest will cause severe Economic damage -El-Rufai

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The Executive Governor of kaduna state Nasir El-Rufai said that the Series of Protest that hit Nigeria in the past weeks coupled with the effect of the Covid- 19 Pandemic will cause serious economic damage to the country .The Governor made this know at the meeting of the Northern Governors Forum and the Chairmen of Traditional Councils of the 19 northern states, held at the Sir Kashim Ibrahim House, Kaduna, on Monday, 2nd November 2020

“I have the honour of welcoming you all to this combined meeting of the elected leaders of government and the heads of the traditional institutions in all the 19 states of the North and the Federal Capital Territory. We warmly welcome the Chief of Staff to the President and other members of the Federal Government delegation that is joining us in this most important meeting.

“In our view, it is an understatement to describe the last few weeks as challenging moments for our country. A cry by the youths for reform of policing has somehow snowballed into tragic events, and an unprecedented challenge to the authority of the Nigerian state. Public and private property have been wantonly violated, in criminal actions that have been encouraged and fuelled by previously unseen levels of incitement.

“The economic damage from the recent tragic events is sure to exacerbate the shrinkage unleashed by Covid-19. The impact of this on jobs and livelihoods will be severe. The crisis has also exposed the worrying ascent in public discourse of a new sort of relativity that is able to justify anything. Amidst the mayhem in many parts of the country, there has been a shocking absence of a collective will to stand up for law and order, and those that are at the frontline of law enforcement.” The Governor stated.

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