Fri. Jan 15th, 2021

Eid-el-Maulud- shun Tribalism and Embrace unity – Galadima of Karshi

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The Galadima of Karshi, prince Suleiman Tanko Abubakar, has admonished Nigerians to shun all forms of tribalism and political partiality and embrace unity .
Prince Abubakar who disclosed this to AsphericNews on the Celebration of Eid-el-Maulud, encouraged Muslims to emulate the exemplary life of prophet Mohammed (SAW).

“prophet Mohammed is the messenger of Allah and according to Islamic act, the last prophet after the prophets of mankind. He is the one who connects us to almighty Allah and he is the leader of all mankind, he is a secrete person and anything he does is as a result of
the inspiration he gets from God including everything that he does. He doesn’t say anything on his own, this what we call revelation . Since he is the leader of mankind in every ramification we believe that it is pertinent to bring out a day to
celebrate his birthday.

we are expected to emulate him in every aspect,in every thing that he does we suppose to emulate him and abide by his
teachings, his sermons and the book he brought is the holy Quran” Abubakar stated.

Prince Abubakar also went further to reiterate the need for more unity amongst Muslims and Christians .

you see the truth is that any Muslim that fights a Christian,he is not a Muslim at all, the reason being that even the holy Quran
states that Christians are our companion and this is the revelation from the holy Quran and even the prophet emphasizes that because during the visit of Christians who visited him in the mosque at a time
they are supposed to pray, they asked him where they will worship. He
said that they should worship there. So the implication is that they
should live harmoniously, every Muslim who doesn’t believe in prophet
Mohammed is not a Muslim at all. Since the prophet who is our leader
doesn’t segregate, there is no need for any Muslim to do that.

Every good Muslim supposed to relate with people from other religion,
its unfortunate that Nigeria we take religion to be a problem and that
is the power of perception, whatever is due for the Christians is supposed to be given to them, they are also allowed to marry the Christians, so if you marry from the Christians that means they are your inlaw, will you also fight and kill your in-law, that is not possible. Tribalism and politics just came to instigate hatred among Muslims and Christians” he stated.

The Galadima of Karshi wished all Muslims a happy Eid-el-Maulud Celebration and called for peace in the country.

“My message to the Muslims brothers is to wish them a very happy Eid-el-Maulud celebration and I will call leaders by the teachings and preaching of Holy Mohammed which translates peace so we should leave peacefully with each other, irrespective of religion and tribe” he concluded.

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