Wed. Jul 28th, 2021

Railway construction Vital to Ports and Road decongestion -Ogunwumi

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Consultant and deputy head of Architecture on the Lagos -Ibadan Railway project , Architect Yetunde Ogunwumi has disclosed that the massive Railway projects going on in the country by the Minister of Transportation Rt Hon Rotimi Amaechi will help in the decongestion of Roads and Ports in Nigeria. Yetunde who did her undergraduate program in Architecture at the university of Virginia in the United States and worked in New York before returning to Nigeria, said base on personal opinion that the Ongoing Railway projects were massive which will go along way to aid infrastructural development in Nigeria.

Honourable Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, his wife Judith Amaechi and Architect Yetunde Ogunwumi during the inspection of Lagos-Ibadan Railway.

“Infrastructure development in Nigeria is very crucial this I call tell you not only because I am first a Nigerian but also base on my experience in the Engineering field . With the ongoing Railway that is been built across the country, decongestion of our ports and Roads is very imminent “ she said .

Yetunde further revealed that she is happy with the strides of development taking place across the country and will not hesitate if called upon anytime, to assist in any way she can as a Nigerian and also as a professional in the area of Architecture.

“We all are involve the building of this country as it is a collective responsibility. For a developing country like Nigeria , the fastest way to attain rapid growth is when we pay close attention to the issue of infrastructural development as it’s been done in developed countries, and Thank God we are already in that part . It will be my pleasure to always bring my wealth of experience to bear in the development and construction of infrastructure in Nigeria” she concluded .

Yetunde Ogunwumi is from Oyo state and the Deputy head of Architecture on the Lagos – Ibadan Railway Project, under Team Nig Ltd, a company that has been in the fore front of Railway Construction in Nigeria, and she has been part of the Idu-Kaduna , Ajakuta-Warri and Lagos Ibadan Railway Construction.

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