Tue. Jan 26th, 2021

My husband has STD, infected me – Wife seeks divorce

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A trader, Hahiya Zainab Mabinuori, on Thursday pleaded with a
Customary Court sitting at Ile-Tuntun in Ibadan to grant her request
for divorce because she is afraid of contracting Sexually Transmitted
Disease (STD) from her husband, Nurudeen.

Mabinuori, who resides in Muslim-Odinjo area in Ibadan, told the court
that she stopped performing her role as a wife because Nurudeen has an
STD. “I stopped sleeping with him because he has STD. “Sometime in March, 2014, Nurudeen infected me. “I got very ill. When I asked him what was going on? He said he had a boil on his private parts and that he may have transferred it to me. “I told him to take care of his boil. He refused. I subsequently made him realise that until he seeks medical attention, I will no longer allow him to touch me again,” she alleged.

Earlier, Nurudeen, a technician asked the court to grant his wife’s
prayers for divorce. He alleged that she was stubborn and does not respect him, NAN reports. “All the efforts made to resolve the problems I have with her has failed. She keeps frustrating peace. “In fact, she seized my shoes and car keys and tore my cloth last week because I did not give her feeding allowance on time,” Nurudeen stated.

The president of the court, Chief Henry Agbaje, asked the couple to provide more evidence to substantiate their arguments. He adjourned the matter until Sept. 30 for further hearing and advised them to maintain peace.

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