Sat. Jan 16th, 2021

IATA’s ‘ONE Source’ Platform Launched

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The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has launched IATA
ONE Source, an online platform which helps the air cargo industry
match shipping needs with the availability of infrastructure
capabilities and certifications of service providers across the value

This is particularly timely amid the COVID-19 crisis when shippers of
medical supplies and pharmaceuticals need accurate information for
time- and temperature-sensitive shipments. ONE Source lists the latest
operational information on airlines, airports, cargo handling
facilities, freight forwarders, ground handlers, shippers, and
trucking companies. All critical information contained on ONE Source
has been verified by IATA to help ensure its accuracy. IATA ONE Source
is free for all service providers across the air cargo supply chain.

“Air cargo has been essential in the global fight against COVID-19,
transporting vital equipment and medicines to those who need them
most. However, with over 3,500 differently sized cargo handling
facilities worldwide, the industry until now has lacked visibility on
the capacities and services these facilities can offer.

“The need for greater transparency is even more critical in the
current context. ONE Source addresses this by providing a single
reference point for up-to-date infrastructure and certification data,
helping save time and keep air cargo moving,” said Glyn Hughes, IATA’s
Global Head of Cargo.
The ONE Source platform offers single source of up-to-date
certification and infrastructure data, sstreamlined information per
aviation service provider type allowing for direct capability
comprise; ONE Source API providing a direct data feed to company

Increased audit efficiency by complementing risk analysis data for a
more accurate evaluation of auditing needs and reduced audit
complexity, focused on Unique Selling Points and security aspects

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