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[OPINION] Senator Ganjuma Goje Is a Persistent Leader

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Senator Danjuma Goje currently serving in the 9th National Assembly is a sober and composed Leader who in the heat of every time never gets carried away by the storm of the moment because all he is aware of is how life should be followed with a calm and cautioned approach.

Though while it is easy for some to hold on strongly to the positive side of life, some don’t find it necessary to do that. But without doubt, Senator Danjuma Goje is a good example of great strength, resilience, and persistence even in the face of any issue.

Senator Danjuma Goje is an inspiring Leader who maintains consistency, stability, and responsibilities at all times since the assumption of the office of a public servant. Senator Danjuma Goje is a humble and reliable Leader and this has always been the reason why the people are comforted always.

Senator Danjuma Goje is a simple Leader that sees himself as the father of all because he realizes that as a Leader You are there because of the people and for this one must give in his very best for the people and this has kept Senator Danjuma Goje on his toe and never ready to stop doing his good service to the people.

It will amaze You to know that Senator Danjuma Goje doesn’t see himself as a Politician but rather he sees himself as a privileged public servant elected by the people because they so find him to be so trusting and that he is a deserving Leader who is capable of impacting the lives of the people at large.

And because of this understanding, Senator Danjuma Goje is tireless in his quest to better the lives of the people and he knows that to really get the good favor of the people and God, he must keep up with doing his good works and Senator Danjuma Goje is very best at helping the vulnerable citizens of this great country Nigeria.

Senator Danjuma Goje knows exactly what the needs and desires of the people are, he knows their daily needs in the area of health, infrastructure, education and the rest of them and that is why he has been able to meet those needs and desires of the people head-on and at every time because he never gets tired of helping the poor.

Even the elderly people are beneficiaries of Senator Danjuma Goje’s kind supports, widows, orphans, single parents, youths, teenagers amongst others have always been on the receiving end of Senator Danjuma Goje’s empowerment supports both in cash, palliatives and other goodies.

Let’s Take a Quick Look at Senator Danjuma Goje’s Other Achievements

Mohammed Danjuma Goje (born 10 October 1952) was a former Governor of Gombe State, Nigeria under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), taking office on the 29th of May, 2003. He is now a member of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

Senator Mohammed Danjuma Goje was born in Pindiga, Akko, Gombe State. He studied Political Science and graduated from Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria. He was a member of the Bauchi State House of Assembly from 1979–1983. Goje became the Secretary of the National Institute For Medical Research in Yaba, Lagos State in 1984, continuing until 1989.

On 25th April 1998 Goje contested and won the seat of Senator representing Gombe Senatorial District on the platform of United Nigeria Congress Party conducted by the National Electoral Commission of Nigeria (NECON) in the aborted democratic transition of General Sani Abacha. He went on to establish his own organization, Zaina Nigeria Ltd, from 1989–1999.

The company was named after his mother, Hajiya Zainab. Goje contested for the seat of Senator in the Nigerian National Assembly in 1998 and later on became the Minister of State, Power, and Steel from 1999-2001 under President Olusegun Obasanjo. In the April 2011 elections, he was elected Senator for Gombe Central on the PDP ticket.

Senate Presidency

Senator Goje stepped down for Senator Lawan from the Senate Presidency race after meeting with President Buhari on Thursday, June 6, 2019.

Awards and Honours

Awards of Excellence and Exemplary Leadership, (YOWICAN)

Award of Excellence, Nigerian Medical Association

Special Merit Award (ASCON)

Youth Merit Award, 2009

Merit Award (NIOB)

Senator Danjuma Goje made leadership as friendly as ABC to the people. He gave so much openness, and to opportunity, for all to be themselves whenever they approach him or are in need of his attention and help to the poor masses equally with the prominent and he renders selfless approach to all those who come to him seeking support not minding where You come from.

When You are with Senator Danjuma Goje just know that You are with a friend, father, uncle, brother, leader, mentor, and role model who has the best at heart for You.

Every now and then-Senator Danjuma Goje is on either one discussion on how to further better the lives and situation of the masses he’ll be in another discussing his plans on how he intends to carry out empowerment programs for the youths, teenagers and the entire people.

We have a Leader who not only attend to issues with zeal and passion seeking the best way out for any situation that works for the best interest of the society and the world and Senator Danjuma Goje is focused all that pertains to humanity as a Senator.

We must, therefore, learn to see the good positive impacts of our Leaders, by ensuring that we engage our minds to their desires towards making our world great. A lot of good works have been done for the masses by Senator Danjuma Goje, and he is still doing more because he understands that a Leader must be consistent in his Goodwill.

Ayooluwa Joshua



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