Sun. Sep 27th, 2020

Mandiya Always Does Good to The People

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Senator Bello Mandiya is a Senator currently serving in the 9th Assembly, and we are all aware of the fact that humanity is a place we all must play a role in ensuring that lives and properties and all living in it are given all the necessary help, love, and support they deserve because this also is the commandment of God for every one of us.

And because Senator Bello Mandiya knows and follows the leading of the Almighty God, has been doing his bit to keep the kindness and goodwill going while having it in his heart that we are all products of God whose Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding go beyond that of any human.

So, while we have just a few Leaders that are aware of and are using this great commandment by God to love our neighbors as ourselves, Senator Bello Mandiya is a man living by the rules and directions of God because he places so much love on God and savors the Mightiness of God by ensuring his support for the poor and love towards all humanity still remains the best thing to do in his heart.

Senator Bello Mandiya is very much connected to God that he always ensures that all said by God that humans should do for our fellow humans and to also be of great help to humans because of how positive such goodwill will be to God, humanity and to the doer that is why Senator Bello Mandiya has been doing all this great good to humanity knowing that what is his doing is the true definition of love towards God and Humanity.

It is only a thin line that separates the good from the bad and only a few people have what it takes to express the good and the positive side of life. Life You know, at every time requires us to be the best of ourselves and being part and parcel of living our lives for others without having any need to hold back what we have for humanity.

I can bet You that, as easy as it is for us to do good many do not think or feel the need to do good but in the case, a dearly beloved Senator Bello Mandiya is just a simple definition of transparency and goodwill leadership which can only be given out to the masses and the society by a leader like Senator Bello Mandiya.

Senator Bellow Mandiya is one out of the Leaders we have in our world today, that is seriously willing and are ready to make life beautiful and easy for the poor masses in small and large numbers without minding religious and tribal differences.

Senator Bello Mandiya, I will say without a doubt has done so much for the people as a Senator and even becoming a Senator, because he is a Leader that has flair for humanitarian activities that is focused towards bettering the lives of others and he is a Leader that is known to be the friend, brother, father, mentor and role model to the poor due to his generosity towards the poor.

Senator Bello Mandiya has within the shortest period of the time given back to society in several numerous ways beyond expectation which includes helping the poorest and the poor both male and female in his constituency and the Katsina State.

Senator Bello Mandiya is not just a Leader who gives to the poorest and the poor, he is known to be the friend of the Youths in the society and has since been giving consistent empowerment support to the Youths through different empowerment program opportunities.

So, the Youths and adults equally are beneficiaries of his goodwill and supportive programs for those who are farmers, business owners, students, friends and families, orphans, the old and several others that are from different religions and tribes.

Senator Bello Mandiya is indeed a Leader worth emulating because his acts are that which explains how precious we humans should love one another and be of help to everyone as long as humanity is concerned.

Even at the very least of the people from his constituency and the state at large would testify to his several goodwill and generosity projects for the betterment of the lives and situations of the people who have been plagued with pains and have been suffering for longer period of time, honestly, Senator Bello Mandiya is a true Leader that we can also as Youths and the lovers of good leadership should emulate and embrace because of his loving kindness towards the people not just northerners.

Senator Bello Mandiya is without a doubt so concerned about the wellbeing of the people because his action plan focuses on health, education, transportation just to mention a few. It is with this in mind that Senator Bello Mandiya has been effectively giving his best in all these areas towards making life beautiful for the poor masses.

To ensure equality with the federal government’s goal towards making life better for the people, Senator Bello Mandiya has since long keyed into this race and has been giving scholarships, financial support and moral support to the people in a bid to ensure the achievements of all the mandates of the federal government for the people and the country at large.

Senator Bello Mandiya, as a father to all, has displayed so much love for the orphans, the less privileged, the weak, the sick, the widows, and single parents and has been so busy giving his undivided attention to the affairs of our country Nigeria at the National Assembly. 

With all My heart I just want to let every one of You know that having a Leader like Senator Bello Mandiya is a Loveable Leader.

Ayooluwa Joshua



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