Sun. Sep 27th, 2020

Group Cautions Against Politicizing Escape of Serial Killer

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An Ibadan based human rights group, Policing Initiatives, yesterday, cautioned against politicizing the issue of the escape of the wanted suspected serial killer in Moniya community, Oyo state, stating that it has the triple effect of dampening the efforts of the police.

In a statement, the leader of the human rights group, Bamidele Akinjide, said that as efforts were being intensified by the police, vigilante men, hunters, and many other security agencies in the state, care must be taken to avoid vilifying police authorities over the sordid issue.

He also noted that the present police team in Oyo state has, undoubtedly performed very well in terms of crime-fighting and proactive policing within the short period they assumed office and should be encouraged to do better rather than being vilified or condemned over the prevailing ugly situation in a community in the state.

According to Bamidele, “we are sure that with the efforts of all security agencies including both vigilante and local hunters, the suspect will soon be arrested and prosecuted.

He commended the swiftness of the IGP by sending a crack team from Abuja to complement the good efforts of the police in the state and assured that residents of the community will soon heave a sigh of relief.

He particularly advised propagandists and politicians with hidden agenda to stay off the development, stating that both the police and other security agencies in the state and beyond were professionally equipped to handle such a case which he noted was not rare in every society.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that one of the police officers arrested for their role in the escape of the serial killer was related to the wanted suspect. Police sources said he connived with others to plan the escape of his brother after the suspect was paraded by the Commissioner of Police.

According to sources, they skillfully planned the escape by making use of an Inspector who was not on duty that day to take the suspected serial killer out of the cell around 7.30 pm to have his bath only for him to be let off the hook.

“That’s why the Commissioner of Police ordered not just the prompt arrest of the suspected officers but also ordered a forensic and thorough investigation and interrogation of all the officers in the unit where the escape took place with a view to fishing out the bad eggs in police circle”.

Ayooluwa Joshua

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