Mon. Aug 3rd, 2020

You Can Only Investigate, You Can’t Order Executive, Keyamo Replies Lawmakers

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The Honourable Minister of State, for Labour and Employment, SAN. Festus Keyamo in a press release said:

“I only insisted on the provision of the constitution.  I insist that they have no powers under Section 88 of the 1999 Constitution. Their powers under Section 88 of the 1999 Constitution are only limited to investigations, but not to give any directive to the executive.”

Commenting on some senators’ stance that his conduct was rascally during the Tuesday meeting, Keyamo retorted, “Somebody, a lawmaker, threw a microphone at me, so the public should judge who is rascally.”

“The whole world saw a lawmaker throw a microphone at me, while I sat calmly. The only thing I insisted on yesterday was for them to obey the law of Nigeria. If they want to expose anything, exposure means to be done in public, not in private.”

The minister contended that he was tactful during his face-off with the senators, noting that the footage of the encounter could bear him out.

“I only insisted on the constitution to be obeyed, nothing more. Lastly, throughout my encounter, I never used any foul language, I kept referring to them as distinguished senators,” he stressed.

Ayooluwa Joshua

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