Please Provide Graduates Project/Business Funding Scheme to End Graduate Unemployment Menace in Nigeria

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A young man has expressed his desire to ensure the issues of joblessness faced by Graduates in the country which has always been a case of worry for several years now. This has discouraged a lot of people who would have loved to invest in their educational pursuit, but are discouraged by the menace of joblessness ravaging the graduates in the country.

We can very well tell that the rate of unemployment of graduates in the country has grown beyond reasonable doubt and this is in a way demotivating youths and several others who are looking forward to furthering their education.

The young man said that the Federal Government can put an end to the unemployment problem in Nigeria that meets almost 90% of graduates, from almost all the schools across the country.

Every part of the world is constantly looking ways to add value to their citizens and I believe that just few or no country has been able to provide graduate funding scheme that will enable every passing out student establish his or her own business.

“I believe that to every problem, there is a solution. But we must be ready and willing to apply the necessary approach needed to solve the problem.

“Nigeria Government is believed to not care about its graduates, in the area of job employment provision, but I really don’t think that is the case.

“The only problem is that majority of the graduates needs governmental funding to establish themselves, but this has to be that each of the graduating students will have to prove beyond doubt that they are ready to succeed and positively contribute to the country’s economy and to also provide jobs for others.

“The Government should therefore, provide a yearly funding for Universities, Polytechniques, Colleges of Education, Talents and Vocational Skills.

This funding scheme is to enable graduates benefit from government funding to establish themselves without waiting for any job employment opportunities which may not be available to them.

We can change the face of the educational system if such an approach will be adhered to as it will further make education valuable since students will have the opportunity to become masters of their own in their own field of study.

He further said: “Each University, Polytechniques, Colleges of Education, Talents and Vocational Skills will have an office in the school or in a designated area with easily accessed funding that requires no longer process or procedures to get and that is where the students will go and submitted their drafted business plans or projects.

“Also, every student in his or her last phase in the school or even immediately gaining admission into the school, should be asked to work on a project or business plan and submit to the Graduate Project/Business Funding Scheme office in the school for proper vetting and funding.

“This funding will help build entrepreneurs, technologists, innovators, inventors and other world renown leaders.

“Though providing this funding by the federal government will automatically give the government either 5 or 10% shares in the student’s business while the student still refunds the capital expended by the federal government on his or her business or project.

Story by: Ayooluwa Joshua

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