Thu. Oct 1st, 2020

Tu Baba is My Role Model-Dizar

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Shedrach Dizar Ebenezer popularly known as Dizar, is a young vibrant and talented Nigerian singer and songwriter who hails from Nassarawa State of the northern part of Nigeria. Dizar is a very busy musician who goes around for musical tours, but I was able to catch up with him thanks to the lockdown which held him back from his busy schedules.

Dizar is the last born in the midst of 3, he attended Saint Paul’s Nursery and Primary School and finished from Excel Secondary School both in Kaduna state before moving to Lagos to further his education and music career together.

Dizar, has to name several hit songs amongst which are Love Portion and Winner, and both songs were written by him and produced by Da-Genius who also produced Solid Star’s Negotiate. The talented singer started his music career at an early age while still in Kaduna State.

When asked about his motivation was: He said “I have always been a kid who loves music, because My dad was a super dj, back then in Kaduna State, so I had the opportunity to listen to all kinds of music, which motivated My current pattern of music.

“Every day I listen to Bob Marley, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Tu Baba, Usher, Akon, R.Kelly, Biggy, Eedris Abdulkareem, Tony Tetuila, Face, Blackface, Tu Pac amongst other legendary singers. I loved listening to them because they had words that inspired, motivated, and encouraged Me whenever I am in a low state of mind.

“Baba, e no easy, I remember when boys still dey form big boys, back then for KD, we dey waka miles just to go watch music performance, shows and make we self perform. Omo, the journey no be today, but we thank God say we don come this far for the industry.

Dizar went on to say: “I never knew or thought I would meet Tu Baba face to face nor to even have access to him like I do now, back then I only listen to his songs, right from his time in Plantation Boys, I have all their songs, and whenever the tape broke, I go and buy another one, later when they all went their separate ways I still followed him and started listening to his own songs alone, though I still loved Face and Blackface.

“I had all Tu Baba’s albums, and I don’t think there’s any of his songs I can’t sing” He added.

He further said: “Just couldn’t believe My eyes the very first day I met with the Legendary baba himself Tu Baba known as (Tu Face), I had been hoping and praying to someday meet him and God did answer My prayers.

“I now have a good relationship with Baba, and I thank God for that. Though all this wouldn’t have been possible with Ekiyo My Nigga, who also helped in making the connections that led to Me meeting with Tu Baba.

He also expressed how much he’d love to sing with the Legendary Tu Baba, because just like yesterday his love for the African Queen crooner still grows stronger and stronger.

I asked him about his hopes and dreams as a musician: He said “My hopes and dreams are to become very famous, though not just be famous, but to also be recognized as a legend, because the essence of Me singing is not just about becoming famous, I want to impact all My fans and anyone who listens to My song.

“I also want to give back to the society in every little way I can”.

“I am very passionate about singing and that is why give in My very best to make sure I come out with the best lyrics, beats, and sounds.

“I do other side jobs too, bro, if You dey do music now mean sey You go just sitdown one place, You need to work to sustain Your self, o.

Dizar was asked how he gets his musical inspiration: “I get My musical inspiration from everything all around Me, though most of My songs came as a result of My inner personality which comes as a result of consistent concentration of how the world works.

He also added: “Though right now I am the one sponsoring My musical career, it has not been easy actually, but You know man must invest in wetin he believe in o.

I asked Dizar what he has in works, He said: “Right now I have some couple of songs cooking in the studio soon to be dropped, and I am looking forward several other musical tours, shows and events both of which are within and outside Nigeria, and the shores of Africa.

He also told Me, that he is currently in a happy relationship, but kept the name of the lucky lady a secret and promised to let the cat out of the bag soon.

I wasn’t surprised when he told Me that he speaks Hausa, and his native language Gbagyi, but that he is currently on the verge of speaking Yoruba and not to forget he also disclosed that he entered Lagos in the year 2011 and has since then been giving in his very best to his music career and other areas of his life.

He also, said this lockdown was a kind of blessings in disguise, though he missed a lot of things, but it is better to be alive than be dead, o My brother.

Thank You so much Dizar for this great opportunity to have an interview section with You and I pray that You achieve and surpass your dream famous in Life.

Story by: Ayooluwa Joshua

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