The Trump’s Mindset and China’s Game Plan To Take Over the World

US President Donald Trump (L) and China's President Xi Jinping leave a business leaders event at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on November 9, 2017.Donald Trump urged Chinese leader Xi Jinping to work "hard" and act fast to help resolve the North Korean nuclear crisis, during their meeting in Beijing on November 9, warning that "time is quickly running out". / AFP PHOTO / Nicolas ASFOURI (Photo credit should read NICOLAS ASFOURI/AFP via Getty Images)

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Does anyone want to succeed? Yes, and if we really want to succeed, we must learn to apply the mindset of a focused, determined, and realistic personality.

One big mistake we make in life is that, we all want to succeed at the same time. We don’t want to put in the best efforts needed to achieve what we want in life and this ends up leading to failure.

Many of us really want to succeed, but feels success just comes at a platter of gold. We must wake up to the reality of the fact that success doesn’t come just like that, You must put in efforts to achieve that which is what Trump is doing and knows about.

It is no doubt that the President of the United States of America is applying such a mindset in all he does which has always yielded successful results in whatever he embarks on, because he knows what it means to stick to the purposeful and positive mindset in life.

Donald Trump the President of America has been classified by many as a controversial leader and he is also seen as a leader who imposes his will on the people without considering or seeking their opinion.

This I believe is the opposite, because Donald is somewhat a leader that doesn’t want anyone to stand on his way of doing the right things he believes will work well for the good of the people.

But we can also see that his approaches to everything comes with an honest and realistic persistence which not only leads to success but wins him, new followers, because he acts with great conviction

He also, doesn’t hold his office on the basis of politics, but he sees his office as an opportunity to impact the lives of the people and to also ensure that things are done in the right way it should be done.

Many speculations and criticisms have been dosed out to the realistic and honest leader, though with all the critic’s views about him, he never seems to be intimidated by that and instead keeps forging ahead.

Trump is a leader who sees just beyond what others see or thinks about a situation.

We should also not forget that the President is a really successful businessman, best at his own game and knows the in and out of every business venture and to run a country successfully one must apply the mindset of a businessman and Trump is also a master in this regard.

It must be said that though politics is very much different from business, but politics also requires understanding what You are into, act after so much calculation, be ready to take risks, and must have the smartest tact to win and remain in it.

You do business because You have something to offer to the market that will meet their needs or solve a particular need, but to do that You must also be ready to step on toes, beat the competition and never look back because everyone wants to be ahead of the game, so You must always protect Your own territory.

While You are busy succeeding, some are busy envying and looking for ways to bring You down and become the head. But they also know that getting ahead of You won’t be an easy task, so they look for Your weak spots and when they get it, they then capitalize on it.

And Your competitors will first find a way to bring to the market a counterfeit of Your product and if they don’t succeed, they find a way to contaminate Your own product and Your consumers makes use of it, they become affected and when they detect the problem came from consuming Your product, Your customers will become afraid of Your product and then opt for another one.

But for some smart guys, they quickly identify they are being taken advantage of, and block the loopholes. Trump has always been a target, most especially being the President of the most powerful country in the world.

Meanwhile, all these traits are what we find in the business world, because for You to remain relevant You must always bring something new to the table, this is also what Trump knows about and has been sticking to it.

Politics, is also a business in case some of us don’t know. But this business is all about making life better for the people, meet the needs of the masses whose daily survival depends on the goodwill of the government of the country.

America is seen as a threat to many countries in the world, they are envied by some and has always been a target for many who consistently seeks ways to bring the country down using all sorts of means, propaganda and attacks on the innocent people using strategies that always will demoralize the citizens and the citizens will then react negatively against their President.

America is currently going through all this situation not because their President is ineffective in his duties, but because politics is ruling over the simple and realistic conscience of many who see the need to use a diminishing approach to overcome a sitting President.

The easiest way to get to a President is to first incite conflict and confusion within its citizens. Many past Presidents of the United States of America have fallen victim to betrayals, and all forms of allegations and tricks used to weaken the President’s hold on his people and this is gradually reducing the positive effects of America on the rest of the world, by its enemies.

China to be precise is in need of world power and are willing to do anything to achieve that, but they also know that to achieve this they will have to work hand in hand with the in house who are also against the greater good of the American citizens.

Everything is a tactic employed by some group of people who knows that for them to become the world power they must first get America under them and to do this they must, first of all, make America look bad and weak to the rest of the world.

This people are using every tactic to ensure they achieve this goal, it is very unfortunate that they are using Americans against Americans, though all this comes with a promise for their accomplices, but is what the accomplices stand to get worth losing the position and the respect of America in the entire world?

By: Ayooluwa Joshua

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