Asari Outraged over Kalu’s Actions

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Since independence till now Nigeria has been faced with different forms of worries, crises and civil wars, either caused by ethnic divisions, religious division, political or personal attempts by different persons or groups of people who claims to be fighting for cause.

While that seem to be a norm even other countries of the world, we’ve had series of freedom fighters and the rest of them among which rebels, bandits and militants are not left out. Some fights for a just cause while some do it for personal gains and in all this there is always loss of lives and properties but all the losses never seem to mean anything to some while for some it is really a thing of worry for them when they see innocent people dying.

In recent years the militants were the trending group of freedom fighters, later book haram, herdsmen emerged and now unknown bandits, we never seize to hear about new groups.

Though despite the heat and fear caused in the Niger Delta region by the militants, several attempts were made by the federal government to stop the menace, but later succeed through amnesty.

Asari is known as a freedom fighter and ex-militant and he was the leader of the militant in the Niger Delta he was recognized to be one of the strong voice in the Niger Delta region in the fight to against exploitation of the oil region and he fought to ensure the federal government make provision for good livelihood for the people of the region.

After several mutual communications with the militant group and agreement was reached between them and the government after which the federal government granted amnesty to the militants there has been more serenity in the region. But Asari has since then not been quiet for any reason seeing that a lot still needs to be done for the people.

With all this in mind and peace seem to be setting in then comes Nnamdi Kanu and his agenda to enforce the creation of the forgotten Biafra as opposed to the unity quest by other tribes and religions in the country. Though his quest is backed up by some countries who seem to be in support of his goal and he has also been able to garner support and followership from eastern Nigerian states and communities though not everyone even amongst the prominent igbos are in support of his quest and they expressed unhappiness towards him for bringing back what if not forgotten has been shoved aside.

There has been many critics as to what he is vying for, though he seemed to have counted many other states as states that will be amongst the Biafra Republic but some of the states also disapproves that and Niger Delta, and Asari seem to be unhappy with the new approach of Nnamdi Kanu the leader of IPOB who has been instigating and clamoring for the creation of the Republic of Biafra an attempt by Ojukwu which led to the Biafra war in the 60s and with this war came the death of millions of Nigerians.

Asari has since been skeptical about the re-emergence of this quest for the creation of Biafra and has shown his disapproval for such attempt. Asari instead feels that all the country needs now is unity and the inclusion of everybody in the quest to better the country at large. Nnamdi Kanu’s though has been on the run and throwing all sorts of accusations concerning the current president, from his hiding and all his accusations seems to be caused by a long held hate within the igbos against the hausas as believed by some.

The question is, is Kanu sentimental or is he just obsessed with the desire to forcefully enforce the creation of the Republic of Biafra?

More details to come.

By: Ayooluwa Joshua

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