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I will frame You up, a Military Police Officer told Me – Evidence Ugwu

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We never seemed to stop being amazed and disheartened by how security agents or better still uniformed officers harass people in every part of the world, most especially here in Nigeria where the majority of the uniformed men or women take undue advantage of the innocent harmless citizens without any reason.

A lot of innocent Nigerians have been killed either by police officers, military officers, and the rest of them which shouldn’t even be heard of. Security agencies are supposed to protect their citizens and not to harm, abuse, or kill them.

This is a trend that has been in existence and that needs to be stopped, many officers have without reasons jailed, framed, and used their uniforms to trample on the right of many Nigerians. Though the federal government is trying all its best to put an end to this menace but it seems to be an endless journey.

A few weeks ago, we heard of a situation where a male police officer shot dead a female police officer in Rivers state and there have been other similar cases of innocent citizens being shot dead by SAS and the rest of them.

In a personal interview with one of our reporters, Ayooluwa Joshua a man named Mr. Evidence Ugwu has called the attention of his loved ones for help and protection from a Military Police Officer who threatened to frame him up.

Evidence Ugwu in a discussion with him, disclosed that the officer whose name is withheld has been troubling his life with different abuses because he refused to call him back when the officer asked that he should be called back by the victim.

He said: “The officer is a neighbor of mine, we live in the same compound, we were all good and nothing wrong was happening between us moreover I used to look after his two kids, I play with them, do every necessary thing that should be done for them as they were My own kids, because whenever he leaves for work, no one looks after them.

“But the whole story changed one day when he called Me and asked Me to call him back, but I couldn’t call him back then, because I was very busy and tending to other work, when he came back from duty later that day in the night, he just came banging on My door with full force and as a result of that dented it and was shouting at the top of his voice where is that stupid boy? where is that stupid boy?

“As I came out to meet him at the door front all I heard was a slap, I wondered what I did to him to be slapped in that manner, he then said why didn’t You call Me? I Told You to call Me but You refused, You are very stupid, I told him why I couldn’t call him, but he continued insulting Me and raising his voice, the next thing he said that have been beating his kids, which I have never done, why would I even beat them?

“I really thought I was doing him a great favour, but I never knew I was actually endangering My life. When he saw people coming out to ask what happened he then changed the whole story and started accusing Me of sleeping with a lady he had an affair with but broke up, due to how he constantly abuses her and beats her up, he constantly accuses her of following other men and she couldn’t be it so she left him and that was why I took over looking after his two kids.

“He threatened to hide a gun in My room to set Me up and implicate Me, he said he has built his house but before he leaves he must have My head, he said all sorts of things threatening to kill Me, the same officer beat up our landlord and used a gun to threaten him, he has been threatening My fellow colleagues in the compound everyone is scared of him because he uses a gun to threaten us.

“There was a time, he used his gun to threaten someone and the person collected his gun people had to beg before he was given the gun back by the man who collected it from him.

“After the incidence, I went and reported him at his office, they asked if I had witnessed the landlord whom he had beating for asking him for his house rent which owe for 1yr 6months and refused to pay and how he has been threatening other tenants, the landlord was called which he confirmed all I had said, so he was told to move out of the house to the barracks.

“But yet he has been doing the same thing, not until recently he got angry with someone who knows Me but happens to know him too, who came to My house and borrow a hammer from Me, his new girlfriend told My friend that knew the officer he is very angry with him for coming to My house, the officer had told her that the person came and entered My house and that we were planning something bad against him and wanted to go and warn the person, but she was the one that told him not to go and decided to tell the person herself.

“This person he is talking about had no idea we had any issue not until I disclosed everything to him and he decided to help Me make this threats public, because I am afraid the officer might do Me harm.

The undisclosed person said: “I am really very upset with this so-called officer, who thinks because I know him then it means he has the right to tell Me who to talk to or not to talk, and the most annoying thing is that I knew Evidence before him and I had no business with him not until his girlfriend rented a self-contain in the same compound I live in, I got to know him through the lady and I even took him as someone responsible because he speaks the same language with Me, but that didn’t give him the right to try to control and decide who I talk to.

“The truth is that I didn’t even know he had any issue with Evidence until his girlfriend came to My house and told Me that the man is angry with Me for going to Evidence house, and the man said I am talking with his enemy, she also said the man said I am planning with Evidence to do him harm, for God sake, I think the man is really out his senses for even thinking and talking in this manner.

“The girlfriend then pleaded with Me to go and ask the man for forgiveness I said for what? Did I offend him? I told her what is My business with that? I only went to collect hammer from Evidence whom was the one that even fixed a door for her, so why should I go an apologize to the officer, she persuaded Me and My wife also persuaded Me to go and I went, though I didn’t apologize because to Me he had lost his respect from Me for even behaving in that manner.

“I told him that his woman told Me he is angry with Me for talking with Evidence he yes because he saw Me enter Evidence’s room which an absolute lie, I stood by the door and collected the hammer, I didn’t enter, I also told him that I had no idea he had issues with the young man, though sorry for that, but I have no problem with that.

“The officer now told Me that Evidence always beats up his children, that he will implicate the young man and said he just waiting for something and that will be it, that the young man will never come out of it, he said it loud and clear and was even saying Evidence is inside and can hear him that he is not afraid to say it.

Please I want the entire citizens to help Me because this man’s threats are becoming unbearable. Mr. Evidence added.

By: Ayooluwa Joshua

Our reporters are solely responsible for any articles written by them.

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