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Wife cut husband’s head open after couple spent evening drinking together

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A Leeds Crown Court in the United Kingdom has passed an 18-month prison sentence to one Sara Middleton, for attacking her husband twice with a meat cleaver. According to Police prosecutor, Catherine Duffy, the couple went drinking at 6pm on January 4, 2020. Sara was said to have spent the evening drinking lager and gin, while her husband had six bottles of beer. The couple returned home at 10.30pm, fell asleep in the kitchen area, before they woke up to a heated argument moments later.

Sara reportedly told the husband “I suggest you leave as you are not going to like what’s going to happen next,” before attacking the husband on the head and leg, with a knife. Duffy told the court that Sara’s husband had attacked her first, before she picked the knife. Police were called to the property and Sara’s partner was taken to hospital to have the wounds to his head and leg glued.

Sara pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding, and was handed an 18-month prison sentence, including 25 days rehabilitation activities.

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