Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

YOUTHHUB AFRICA Harps on Gender Equality, Opportunities for Women and Girls

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The YOUTHUB AFRICA has call for a reflection by major stakeholders in Nigeria to ensure equal rights for women  to prosper, feel safe  and have equal opportunities as men in the society.

The Executive Director, YOUTHHUB AFRICA, Mr Rotimi Olawale while speaking in Abuja on Tuesday at a Women and Girls’ Right Defenders Workshop noted that we need to create an enabling environment as Individuals, Institutions and Organizations for women to prosper.

According to Mr Olawale, we currently live in a patriarchal society with introspection for men, and as such call for policies that safeguard the rights of women in the workplace to ensure that they are not sexually harassed and denied opportunities.

Mr Olawale added that if equal rights are given for women as men in the society, the much desired growth and development will be duly achieved.

Also speaking at the event, the Programme Manager, YOUTHHUB AFRICA, Mr. Olusegun Medupin noted that the workshop is apt and timely considering alarming statistics of Gender Based Violence (GBV) against women and girls’ in Nigeria, thus, an urgent need to empower men and women with advocacy skills to engage stakeholders in the society and defend the rights of women and girls’.

Mr Olusegun added that participants at the workshop will be trained on how to use media tools for mobilization, advocacy, selfcare, map out strategies to engage stakeholders and ultimately achieve success in their advocacy.

Meanwhile, Mr. Olusegun noted that the Violence Against Persons (VAP) Act is now in place but the quick implementation of the Acts is worrisome, thereby call for implementation of the Act.

” the VAP Act is already there, and if the policy makers make it to work, it will solve the major problem, though might not solve all problems, the larger chunk of challenge that am seeing is the implementation, then awareness also.

” The implementation is an area that I think Government can do better , but that notwithstanding, government is trying its best”. He added.

Also, a Participant and Girl Advocate, Peace Ayo while expressing her delight at the end of the workshop said  for her, the workshop was an eye-opener to many issues, opportunity to network with like minds , having being equipped with knowledge and skills that advocacy is a call with sacrifice and not for everyone.

” This workshop has give me an opportunity to meet wonderful young people who have amazing ideas, I would not ask for anything more after this”.

Peace however call for synergy among advocates to push for a particular cause until there voices are heard by the government.

She also call on the Federal Government to look into  inclusive and quality education for every child.

” We can not move forward if education is not all inclusive, we all need to be educated, We should try as much as possible to push for at least 12 years of free, safe and quality education for every child”

“Everyone should also have quality healthcare because when you are healthy that is when you can go to school and other things, so quality healthcare is very important to all”.

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