Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

CORONAVIRUS: Saudi Arabia bans pilgrimage, suspend visa

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Saudia Arabia has banned pilgrims from visiting Islam’s holiest sites in a move to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus. The country has also suspended visas for visits to Islam’s holiest sites for the “umrah” pilgrimage.

Though Saudi Arabia has reported no cases of the virus the country, the Nation has expressed alarm over its spread in neighbouring countries, adding that the suspensions were temporary.

A statement by Saudi Arabia foreign ministry said: “The kingdom’s government has decided to take the following precautions: suspending entry to the kingdom for the purpose of umrah and visit to the Prophet’s mosque temporarily. “Suspending entry into the kingdom with tourist visas for those coming from countries in which the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) is a danger.”
The Virus which broke out in Wuhan in China has spread to 47 countries, with the U.S. and Germany recording the first cases.

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