Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

Baby left outside by mum freezes to death

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A 40 –year-old mother is under house arrest and facing criminal investigation for keeping her seven-month old son outside in a Balcony in Russia, where the temperature is said to be minus 20 Celsius. According to UK’s Sun magazine, the mother of three said she left the Baby outside for “fresh air” which would help his teething, before going to sleep.

She said: “I put him on the balcony to sleep in his pram. “I thought he would feel better in the fresh air, and sleep normally without crying.”

The Russian Investigative Committee said she called the ambulance when she woke up five hours later, after making a meal for her elder children, found her son had “turned blue” on the balcony. The baby is also said to have been well wrapped in a padded blanket folded four times, swaddled in a camel wool blanket, and had a sheepskin coat on his outer layer

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