Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Doping Bane of NPFL Players..Football Agent

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Afootball agent has revealed that the use of illicit drugs as the bane of the local league in the country. This according to him is the major reason why many of the NPFL players find it extremely difficult to tie down contract overseas.

According the intermidiary who have over five Nigerian players in said the Nigeria Professional Football League players struggle outside the shores of this country because of doping related issues to weather conditions and even age.

According to an agent who have been able to carve out a niche for himself by successfully transferring players, singled out the doping culture in Nigeria as a huge setback.

The agent who spoke on the condition of anonymity emphasized on the fact that most of the players in the Nigeria Professional Football league are used to playing with performance driven drugs hence the reason for their struggle when they travel abroad in search of greener pastures.

According to him, these players successfully carry out the act here in Nigeria because they end up going undetected due to some inadequacies in our system.

In his exact words ” It’s about time someone voice it out. Drug abuse is one of the bane of NPFL players. That’s the stark truth that many don’t want to admit. Most players in the NPFL use performance enhancing drugs to play, then when they go to Europe they can’t perform at same level because they can’t use same there”.

He further laid emphasis on the weather conditions over there, saying the weather too can sometimes be a factor but the major reason which we should all be concerned about is the use of drugs, because most players claims it helps them relax, and cope with the stress of travelling on bad roads.

Truth is, the League Management Company (LMC) do have a huge role to play in the fight to curb drug abuse in our league by setting certain standards, putting the right facilities in place to detect the use of drugs amongst players.

Our Npfl players do have their own part to play but the fight begins with the Lmc, because so long as these players can go undetected, a lot of them will go on and on using performance enhancing drugs.

The journey to achieving a better Npfl starts now, it begins with you and I. Together let’s make our Npfl a league worthy of emulation

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