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Liverpool wins Wolves 1-0 amidst VAR controversies

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England Premier league table leaders, Liverpool FC have sustained their continuous dominance of the English league table, with a 1-0 win against Wolves in what many have termed a ‘controversial VAR’ decisions.
Football fans especially on Twitter are also questioning why VAR disallowed Wolves goal but allowed Mane’s. In the build up to the winning goal, Andy Robertson’s pass had hit at Van Dijk’s hand before Van Dijk made a pass through to Lallana who gave an assist for Mane’s goal.
The match referee Anthony Taylor will responding to a Wolves’ technical staff, noted that Van Dijk’s handball was ‘too far back in the move’ to be considered, beIN sport reports.

According to one of Premier league’s rule on VAR, “The starting point for a phase of play that leads to a goal or penalty incident will be limited to the immediate phase and not necessarily go back to when the attacking team gained possession.”
Despite the controversies, Liverpool coach seems to be more overwhelmed with Sunday’s match victory. On a tweet posted on the club’s official website, the head coach stated that “To get that result over the line is just impressive and I am really happy about it.”

“To get that result over the line is just impressive and I am really happy about it.”

Jürgen Klopp reiterated the pride he feels about his team after today’s battling Anfield performance…— Liverpool FC (@LFC) December 29, 2019

This VAR thing is a shambles, absolute shambles. Stick it in the bin and start respecting the refs and accept human error, we have tried the VAR experiment and it hasn’t worked, it’s spoiling every game every week. Stick it in the bin— Curtis Woodhouse (@curtiswoodhous8) December 29, 2019

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