SAHCO Chairman named Air transport personality of the year

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The Chairman of the Board of SkywayAviation Handling Company (SAHCO) PLC- Dr (Barr) Taiwo Afolabi has been namedthe Air Transport Personality of the year at the 10th Nigerian Aviation Awards(NIGAV) 2019 which held at the Oriental Hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos State.

The NIGAV Awards, Nigeria’s mostprestigious air transport development award has become the benchmark forexcellence in promoting healthy competition.

Dr (Barr) Taiwo Afolabi (MON) washonoured for his immense contribution to the aviation industry through notableinvestment and leadership excellence.

Dr Afolabi through the SIFAX Groupbought SAHCO from the Federal Government in 2009, and grew the worth of thecompany to triple its value before it was listed in the Nigerian Stock Marketin 2019.

SAHCO Boss enabling capacity andunique leadership skill, has motivated his staff and grown the company towin the courtesy of the Bureau of Public Enterprise as a model of successfulprivatized companies.

SAHCO presently boasts of the bestultra-modern warehouse in West Africa and stands tall as one of the best inAfrica, owns fleets of state-of-the-art equipment, an engineering andmaintenance team that has developed Ground support Equipment using locallysourced materials which is the first in the country and many more.

SAHCO has been able to transitionsuccessfully to a Public Liability Company, witnessing an influx of newclients, expanding to all the commercially operated airports in Nigeria. Allthese would not have been possible if not for the leadership and support of theamiable Dr Afolabi as he sits as Chairman of the Board of Directors in SAHCO.

Dr Afolabi who is a man of manyparts is also the Vice Chairman of SIFAX Group. The SIFAX Group is aconglomerate that is poised at building a sustainable, customer-centricbusiness that optimizes stakeholder value. SIFAX Group which is a multinationalcorporation with diverse interests in Aviation, Maritime, Haulage andlogistics, Oil and Gas, Hospitality and Financial Services also maintainsoffices in Ghana, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and the United States.

In his welcome address at the event,Fortune Idu, the Managing Director and Chairman of NIGAV said “NIGAV is aimedat promoting All-Round aviation development and capacity building, projectingthe aviation industry for investment and business development, to create acheck process that has helped maintain a balance between operationalefficiencies, industry, vibrancy and service delivery.

The Managing Director/CEO of SAHCO,Mr Basil Agboarumi, who represented Dr Taiwo Afolabi at the event expressed DrAfolabi’s gratitude for the recognition. Dr Afolabi went on to say that SAHCOis poised to partner for progress in both the development of the country andthe aviation industry in particular. He emphasized that the only way to bringthe expected change in the aviation industry is to see, say and do somethingthat in doing it we would have the positive change we desire.

(Source: Transport Day)

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