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ECOWAS Parliament Speaker urges Africa Countries to rely less on Foreign Aids

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Speaker of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) parliament, Mustapha Cisse has urged Africa Countries to rely less on Foreign Aids, declaring that most of the Colonial masters are hiding under the guise of rendering assistance to exploit Africans.

Mustapha Cisse made this remarks while shutting down the 2019 second ordinary session of the ECOWAS Parliament in Abuja. He urged African leaders to believe more in themselves and also endevour to develop capacity to tackle their issues themselves rather than relying on foreign aid.

Acknowledging that the region was passing through difficult times with terrorists attacks leading to unwanton lose of lives and properties, Cisse opined that running to European countries for help is not a good option.

The parliament also identified corruption as the root cause of poverty and unemployment bedeviling the region and enjoined heads of states to look inward to tackle the menace of terrorism in their different countries instead of relying on foreign aid that usually comes with different kinds of conditions.

Mr. Cisse said, “today, our heads of states travel all around using very expensive planes while our children are dying. Security is fundamental, it is the first consumer good any country should have. There’s nothing good about Africa besides embezzlement. Our heads of states go about giving beautiful speeches but poverty and insecurity are smelling everywhere in Africa.

He added, “It is unfortunate that Mali, Senegal, Guinea Bissau and other African francophone countries rely on a small boy like Macron (the president of France) to resolve their security problems. Who is Macron, and what is his experience and age? He is just a small boy who got power by chance. Africa, we must stand up and say no to this modern colonisation.

“We can by ourselves overcome these security challenges, we cannot wait for France to send their soldiers to help us, rather we have to device ways of helping our other African countries. We need to put in place ECOWAS sovereign soldiers to help us. We need to propose that we draft a resolution that African countries will form a sovereign military force”, Cisse said.

Collaborating the same position as the speaker, a former lawmaker from Nigeria, Mr. Dickson Tarkirghir blamed the leaders of Africa for the condition the region had found itself.

According to him, “The challenge we have as Africans are our head of states, and the earlier we divorce from European countries, the better for our region. I’m even aware some of our francophone countries deposit their monies with the France Central Bank, which is ridiculous. France and other European countries have been exploiting us because they can not render any assistance without demanding for something in return. We must fund our ECOMOG by getting each member state to set aside funds. We have to learn how to tackle our security challenges ourselves. For how long are we going to continue been slaves? We say no to European Union.

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