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My Daughter Caressed Me And I Lost Control, Says Father Who Impregnated Daughter

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  • •No, he was the one who started it —Daughter

A 43-year-old man, Oladipo Abiodun, who allegedly committed incest with his teenage daughter (name withheld) and got her pregnant, has said that he lost self control when the girl started caressing him, reports Tribune.

However, the pregnant daughter countered her father, saying that he was the one who started the relationship, with a threat to ki’ll her if she ever disclosed it to anyone.

The randy father was arrested by detectives in Mowe Division, Ogun State Police Command, at the weekend for sleeping with his biological daughter which resulted in her carrying a pregnancy of over five months.

The command’s spokesman, SP Abimbola Oyeyemi, who confirmed the arrest, said that it followed a complaint brought to the police station by one Mrs Oluwatoyin Idowu that her son, Michael, was wrongly accused of impregnating the girl.

The woman told the police that her findings revealed that her son was not responsible, as the girl was already pregnant when she had sexual relationship with her son.

She said that this was corroborated by the scan result that showed that the girl was over five months pregnant, while his son had sex with her three months ago.

The PPRO said that this made the Divisional Police Officer in charge of Mowe Division, SP Folake Afeniforo, to invite the girl to hear her side of the story.

To the surprise of the DPO and other police officers, the teenager told them that though Michael slept with her in December 2022, her father is the one responsible for the pregnancy.

She opened up that her father had engaged in sexual relationship with her since early 2022, with a threat to k’ill her if she informed anyone.

She stated further that it was her father who asked her to implicate Michael when it was discovered that she was pregnant.

“Upon her confession, the DPO Mowe division, SP Folake Afeniforo, detailed detectives to go after the randy father, and he was subsequently arrested,” SP Oyeyemi said.

The suspect, who said he hailed from Ijebu Ode but resides in Mowe and works as a security personnel, explained how the incident happened.

He told the Nigerian Tribune: “My daughter’s mother was just my girlfriend when she got pregnant. She gave birth to our daughter and kept her with the maternal grandmother at Imota, Ikorodu, Lagos State.

“My daughter was attending school when she was with her grandmother but she stopped at JSS2 because she could not cope academically. I used to play my role as a father by sending money to her and getting her a private teacher to help her in her studies, but still she could not catch up with academic standard.

“She later told me that she didn’t want to stay with her grandmother again because she was being maltreated. She threatened that she would run away if I would not come to pick her.

“I went to pick her late in 2021 so that I would be able to take care of her. At that time, I was in a relationship with the lady I wanted to marry, but my daughter was always in disagreement with her. The face-off was so much that the lady told me to keep her elsewhere if I wanted to marry her.

“She told me she had a terrible dream and that she would not be able to marry me if I didn’t take my daughter out of my home. That was how the relationship ended. I took my daughter to a fashion designer to learn tailoring.”

How I started having sexual intercourse with my daughter

“It started in 2022. I just noticed that whenever I was lying on the bed, she would come and place her head on my thighs and chest. She would be caressing me. She would thereafter mount me. At that point, I would lose control and have sex with her. After doing it, I would express regret and ask her why she made me do what I should not do, but she would just say she was sorry as she usually came to her senses after we had finished.

“At a point, I told her that our acts must not be heard of. I asked her if she had found any boyfriend that she could be dating and she said no. I told her to get one so that we would stop what we were doing.”

How I learnt about her pregnancy

“In December last year, my daughter told me that she had got a boyfriend called Michael. I told her to bring the boy so that I would have a chat with him. Later, she told me that they quarreled and parted ways. Then, I didn’t notice that she was pregnant, as there was no bulge. It was her mistress that called and notified me of her pregnant state.

“I took her for a pregnancy test and it was positive. I called her in and asked her of the number of men that had slept with her. She replied that it was only Michael, and they did it twice. I called a friend and he followed my daughter to his boyfriend’s house. Michael initially denied knowing her but later confessed to starting a relationship with her in December and having had sex with her twice.

“The boy’s mother had agreed to take care of my daughter if her son truly had a sexual relationship with her. I told her to come with her husband so that we could discuss the matter, but only the mother came with her relative, saying that they were ready to accept the pregnancy but would want to carry out ultrasound scan. I agreed. I went back to our room and asked my daughter again to tell me who was responsible for the pregnancy and she still mentioned Michael.

“When they went for the scan, they were told that the pregnancy was over five months, so Michael’s family said that they were not ready to accept it since it was indicated that she was already pregnant when she and Michael had intercourse.

“Also, I didn’t know that my daughter had already told her mistress and Michael’s mother that I was responsible for the pregnancy.”

The man admitted that he didn’t use any preventive method to stop his daughter from getting pregnant but usually put salt in a cup of water and would ask her to drink it to neutralise his semen. He also claimed he stopped sleeping with his daughter since September last year.

The suspect said he had admitted having sex with his daughter, promising to take care of her before and after delivery.

However, the daughter told her story thus: “It’s all lies if my daddy is saying I was the one who triggered the sexual relationship. I will be 19 years old in June. I got to my daddy’s place in December 2021 and he started sleeping with me in April last year. I won’t lie to you. Anytime my father came back from work, he would invite me to come on the bed. He would be having sex with me. I couldn’t resist him as he would tell me not to inform anyone, threatening that he would k’ill me if I did.”

She, however, admitted her father was not the first man to have sex with her.

“The first time we had sex, we were together in the room watching a film at night. He started caressing me. I couldn’t shout because of his threat. There was a day he came home and used a gun to beat me so hard that the gun broke into two.

“He was having sex with me every day, except during my menstrual period. He would start again immediately I finished menstruating. He would put salt in water and asked me to drink it to prevent pregnancy.

“When I didn’t see my period, I didn’t know I was pregnant. My father also knew that I had missed my period but told me that it sometimes happens to females that way.

“It is true I started dating Michael in December and we had intercourse twice, but I didn’t know I was pregnant. Even Michael asked if I had seen my period and I answered him in the affirmative, just to avoid being given drugs that could harm me,” she said.

How I discovered I was pregnant

“I was in the shop where I was an apprentice in tailoring. My mistress called my father and told him to go and run a pregnancy test on me. That was after my colleagues had noticed and said I was pregnant. The test was positive. When my father asked me who was responsible, I told him it was Michael because he was the one I was dating. I later confessed to my mistress that my father was responsible,” the girl stated further.

She said she stopped schooling when she could not cope academically in a class that had 80 students. “I told my father I didn’t like the school, and asked him to get another for me or let me live with him. He came to pick me from my grandmother’s house, fixed me in a school but removed me when I could not cope,” she told the Nigerian Tribune.

On the next step to take, crying, she said: “I can’t abort this pregnancy. Though my father said he would take care of me, I don’t want to stay with him again.”

The PPRO said that the state Commissioner of Police, Frank Mba, has directed that the suspect be transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Eleweran, Abeokuta, for further investigation and subsequent prosecution.

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