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I was told I don’t have the look- Dayo Olujuwon

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Nigerian Communicator, content curator and Singer, Dayo Olujuwon Ekunniyi has shared her experience on how she has been able to cope in her career despite ups and downs

Speaking about the Journey so far as a Communicator, she told AsphericNews that it’s not been easy but her anchor has been the Holyspirit, who has strengthened her in the place of giving up, she also added that her Mum, Husband, Pastor, and boss as kept on encouraging her.

“I remember when I was in the University, as a student of Theatre Arts, Uniabuja…I loved to talk in the public and sing…. whenever it’s time for script reading and speaking in the public, I tried to make my self available…I loved to be heard, I loved my voice, I felt it was an asset…but I was laughed at, because of the H factor…I hard great issues with that. As a Yoruba girl,,,I was sure infected with my own accent, I almost believed. Funny enough, I didn’t lose my confidence…but I have definitely been working on my self”

“After my Youth service, I so much desired to go into Theatre practice and music but by God’s grace and way, I got a Job with one of Abuja’s fastest growing media outfit, AsphericTV and I had to learn how to work as a media person…it was tough and full of drama…I was told I didn’t have the look, my packaging was not just right and I can’t even speak well, they didn’t lie but my boss Dr. Israel Ibeleme didn’t give up on me, he really worked on me, bringing out only the best in me…when I flopped, he corrected me, but he didn’t stop giving me opportunities to try again
He gave me the opportunity to meet with top personalities in Nigeria and also interview them”

” Here I am, getting better day by day… won’t say i am there yet, but I’m not who I use to be because I wasn’t given up on and I didn’t give up on God’s Grace upon my life”

When asked about her journey so far in music, she said it has been God’s grace pulling her through, because the storm had appeared but couldn’t swallow her, she also admitted that it’s has always been fun singing for it’s her number one passion.

” Music is life, God and Music has brought me here, well that’s a story for another day, maybe when I’m 40 I will give that story”

As a winner/Ambassador of Abuja Rccg Shift 2019, music category she also explained her experience so far

” ABUJA SHIFT 2019 is one way to breakthrough that I will not stop saying God brought my way, it has really opened a whole lot of doors for growth for me, it’s been from grace to grace”

” Well I will not cease to thank the organisers, for organising that competition in the first place, that time was God’s time for me…for it’s not been the first competition I partook in, and for that very one, I didn’t even give my self much stress…I was not really know like that, But God’s Grace stood me out”

In a bid to explain how she was able to handle the N1.550million cheque given to her by ABUJA RCCG SHIFT, she stated she was not given N1.550millon cash but it was translated to some other things that is more beneficial.

“Many people,thought I received the money o, well that’s what you get when something like that is made public and the intention is not stated in the first place to the public. It really disturbed me a lot”

” But I realized it’s good that it was rather translated to some other things.

“I was given a hundred thousand naira cash, Recording session was paid for, to do 7tracks and I must say, the quality is so powerful… I released two already, Wonder and My Confession, and it’s blessing lives, and I am also looking forward to releasing My First Album soon, God help me”

“They also did a video, but not released yet, hopefully soonest”

“The church is really trying I must say, and in bringing out their own Artiste, it’s not easy. I noticed that people give out more or support secular things than the church, well.
It’s really not easy to source for fund for the promotion of church artiste. We hope the Lord bless the right people who are ready to give to lift…He’s been doing it, but we need more”

When asked what she’s up to, she stated that she is into improving on herself, because if she doesn’t work on her self there is no way she can make the impact she desires.

In conclusion she stated

“I will definitely not stop communicating, singing and Theatre”

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